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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Sweet It Is !

circa 1939
Today was a doughnut lovers dream come true. Our town finally has a Krispy Kreme shop open again! Trust me I was not the only one rejoicing! In a time when stores are still closing their doors and people are desperate for work, it was a double joyful time as the re-opening of Krispy Kreme provides 75 jobs to those in need and a whole lot more smiles to the local's faces. I for one am one of the many smiling faces!

I have loved doughnuts my entire life, but when I had my first official Krispy Kreme while at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, hot off the rack, I knew I was in a blissful heaven! I never tire of doughnuts, and even plan to make my own baked version as soon as our temps cool...I even once worked full time at a doughnut shop and ate doughnuts daily! However there is NOTHING like a Krispy Kreme original(the other varieties are not bad either). From the smell that hits you as you enter the door to the first bite of squishy, sweet goodness, it makes it hard pressed to ever go back and eat doughnuts else where. 

I decided to visit the grand opening today after my normal morning walk. hoping I would miss some of the crowds that had started to gather the day before for the grand opening at 5:30 a.m. today. Yes, there was actually people that camped out to receive free doughnuts for a year, T-shirts, mugs and well a claim to fame to say they were there when the doors opened again after many years of being closed at the same location. 
I was quite amused that as I walked up the street towards the shop, a song from Burlesque with the words "...Somethings Got A Hold On Me..." was playing in my ear. Perfect timing, as I was indeed feeling that way as I got closer and closer to the front doors!

I was going to luck out, there was a brief moment where the line had shortened! My pace sped did my heart rate and the watering of my mouth!
This was my greeting! Be still my heart, I was in the building, let the swooning begin!

One of the fun things about KK is that as you wait in line, you can watch the classic, signature glazed doughnuts being made, start to finish! They even have descriptions on the glass to walk you through the process!Here they are in the proofer.
Ready to be rained on by the sweet glaze....
Finally ready to be boxed up for you right on the spot.MMM!
And of course if you want something besides the original, there is quite a few selections to choose from....
Including monthly flavor selections.
Don't forget your coffee!

I got mine!
 After I had gotten my dozen of assorted goodness, my cup of House Blend coffee, I found a seat, and snapped off a few photos....YES, I had the will power to hold off eating for just a moment, not too long, as I did not wish for my doughnut to cool.

As you can see the crowd was growing!
Time for a hot doughnut....
Once I had finished my doughnut, I decided to stick around as the Roseville Chamber of Commerce was there for the official welcome back to the community! The crowds of people began to get larger...

Just gotta love the big scissors!
Old and young love Krispy Kreme!
Soon it was time to get the rest of my dozen home before I was tempted to eat them all.....but I did take a few final parting shots....
Next time I might do drive through!
Doughnuts and coffee in hand I bid you farewell....OH! And here is a video all about KK. And click HERE for history of KK.

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  1. You are so right my friend, there is something about KK doughnuts that sends the taste buds and heart a fluttering... YUMM...

    Sounds like a fabulous time Sunday... any day that starts with crepes and has wine tasting is 10/10 in my books.. wishing you and equally fabulous week..xo HHL


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