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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gray Zone

Last week, or maybe the week before, I shared with you all that I was considering going back to my natural hair color, which is a heavy salt with just a dash of pepper. Surprisingly I received so much support from my readers, friends and family that is has bolstered my confidence to do it. I have of course in the past done it before, but as my mood was gray for some time the last thing I wanted to see was my hair in the same state. 

In doing research on being gray, loving it an embracing it and not letting it age you, I have become a bit enamored with the color of gray and all it's shades in clothing as well. Suddenly where I try to keep my wardrobe to all shades of black and white and splashes of color, the amount of gray items in my wardrobe are growing, just like the ones on my head(am up to over an inch now!). I am not sure if this will change once our temps in the northern California foothills drop below 100 degrees and the days themselves grow gray, but one can hope. 

Gray is just as versatile of a color as black or white. There are many shades of it, from a deep charcoal to a soft dove gray and I have found there is not a color that does not look lovely against it. I thought I would share a few things that I have already purchased, maybe a couple I dream of as well. 

I bought this skirt at JC Pennys. It is an East 5th skirt, and lucky me with some smart shopping and a heck of a sale got it for under 20.00! because I am short it hits well below the knee, perfect to give it that 1930's feel.

I recently bought this at Target, in the teen section..cheaper than the woman's section for the same thing. I wish to get a black one of course. It looks like a darker gray here, but its lighter than the picture. I think it will look adorable with the skirt, a nice blouse or thin sweater shell and....
This hat! Again it photographs darker, but all are within the same shade of light gray. I think if I add textured stockings and my creme buckle shoes it will make just the perfect outfit for the cooler months when they arrive.
I bought this at Kmart on sale as well, and it too could go with the skirt with a white dress shirt and maybe a ribbon bow tie, I also plan to look for a matching jacket. When it gets warm again this will be so cute with jeans and a white T!
Here is the same skirt in a darker charcoal tweed like fabric, and I also own slacks in the same fabric. I envision a nice heavy sweater and thick textured tights with this and my black oxford thing I do not own yet is gray shoes.

I do have this hat however, bought last season at Target..light gray hat came from there as well, and it looks wonderful next to the skirt.
A sweater like this would be to just find one!
Or paired with a soft gray blouse, such as this. I am on the hunt for that and the perfect gray slacks...wide legged of not do slender very often.
These shoes from Sears, if I can find them (truly dislike the Kmart & Sears combined web site search) would be a lovely addition to wear with both skirts. I recently started giving away my sky high heels in exchange for lower, more stable ones. Far easier on my body, and my level of pain I deal with daily.A plus, they go a long way to add that 20's & 30's feel to my look without being costumey and they are timeless as well as classic in design. Eras from the late 1800s through now wore/wear them. Add a seamed stocking or fishnets and you can still be sexy and comfortable!

I mentioned that I already had a few items in my closet in which I have shared some, now wish to share the rest...Some you have seen in my fashion shots....
This is a New York & Co. Dress, faux wrap python in shades of gray. So comfy and looks great on me. I have not had an occasion to wear it in about a year, but can not seem to part with it. Even if it does not fit the 20's/30's look....I do venture away from time to time.
You might recall I wore this for a day trip to the coast, and put a bit of a "French" twist on the look. I always feel so very girly in this! It was bought at H&M about three years ago, and I still adore it.

Another Jc Pennys find, the brand name is Worthington, I always love that brand for pencil was from nearly two seasons ago,but gray is always a classic,as is the pencil skirt and to find it in a hounds tooth print with the pop of black...and it fits like a dream! I wore this to a wine event a couple of weeks ago and it was a huge hit!

I do not just stop at clothing...recently I even been buying nail polishes and plan to seek out pretty grays for eye shadows as well.
Currently wearing Silver and soon....
A soft dove gray.(I know this looks silver again,but,trust me)
This would make a great start and for 1.00 who can beat it for a trial run??
So there you have it, my venture into the gray zone. Do you like gray, what shade? Do you wear all year or just Fall and Winter? Do you mix your shades, go monochromatic or add pops of color? Would love to hear!


  1. I love, love, love everything about this post. I found my first gray hairs a few days ago (women in my family get them in our early 20s--my older sister is 26 with lots of silver!). So I found this very inspiring & also the height of chic. I'm printing this post out to assist with fall shopping! :D

  2. I adore grey! (i'm Australian, it's grey not gray)

    Particularly grey eye shadow. I wear it all year round.
    I'm slightly colour blind so I can't distinguish shades all that well, so grey works so I don't have to worry if one of my eye lids has more pink on it than the other.

    Charcoal is a really sophisticated colour as well. Black makes me look like a recovering goth, grey makes me look sophisticated.
    I love that grey floral dress! That is divine.

    Enjoy the grey adventure!

    beks xx

  3. Hi Ruby!! Gray does go with everything, I love wearing pastel pink with gray. I always enjoy your blog, and adore your hats. LOL Funny....I just tweeted about how I like bell bottoms better than straight legs. Love your style!

    hope all is well

  4. Grey is wonderful in all its shades. To me, it's much classier than black, which is a very heavy color. (Guess that's why so many little black dresses have so little material!) Anyway, I'm anxious to see your pix and the final haircut. I went grey a few years ago and love the freedom, after 40+ years... Check out my new video where I'm 'au naturelle'!


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