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Friday, September 30, 2011

Small Cakes, and So Much More!

photo via Facebook page for Freshberry & Smallcakes Roseville
Yesterday myself and hubby drove to a local business by the name of Freshberry And Smallcakes. I had been in contact with one of the owners, Tony Morabito about coming in and doing an official "interview" and to learn more about this franchise location of a well known cupcakery out of Kansas City that was founded by Jeff Martin;you may recall seeing him compete on Cupcake Wars on Food network as well as being on The View.(click here for more info on the origins.)

It was 11 a.m. on the dot as we walked into the bright and cheerful store, located in a local shopping center by the name of Rocky Ridge Town Center, here in our town of Roseville. One can not help but have a smile come upon the face when surrounded by the crisp orange and white color scheme, then of course having the knowledge that soon sweet treats will be had! I know it always makes me smile ear to ear!

Just a hint of the orange & white.
You can just tell there is yumminess to be had!
 In a few moments we would have the pleasure of meeting three of the partners in Freshberry And Smallcakes, opened with the current partners to the public in June of this year.... Tony himself, Wendi Colton(her husband Jim, also a partner)and Kiersten Schmidt(who's parents Charity and John are also partners), after pleasantries and hand shakes were exchanged we sat down to have a nice chat, as well as sample a couple of the cupcakes. Originally I was going to go over all the whys and hows and whens of the partners going into this venture, it is all quite interesting
(you can read more HERE), but I soon discovered a bigger picture that appealed to me. The heart and love that fills every inch of this place!

Kiersten and Wendi *photo from Facebook Fan page

From the moment I met Tony, Wendi and Kiersten I knew we were the company of some very special people. After chatting with them for more than the original 15 minute time period we had aimed for, I knew it. As we shared our stories, shared our feelings about the community, the people and what it all means to us, and our shared desire to see it grow, prosper and come together, the feeling in the shop was one of generosity,love, compassion and the desire to spread that outward through the products they offer. Tony said to me the foundation of their business belief is to be "good people who give back..." ; I have always shared that belief in everything I do and how I live my life. To create good karma, pay it forward, never expect it back, but knowing down deep it always will. This belief system and the honest love they have for each other as people, friends and business partners, I was sure would come through the cupcakes we were about to try. I was not disappointed.

Hubby had the Chocolate Cream: chocolate cake filled with buttercream topped with their signature fudge frosting with a squiggle of buttercream...of course I sampled as well!

Tony believes as I do that a cupcake should be eaten served on a plate with a fork, after all it is a small cake! This one was called The could a I resist, after all I do adore the frozen treat version. The cupcake consists of a vanilla based cupcake with chocolate on the inside, white butter cream, chopped nuts and drizzled with chocolate or caramel syrup...this day it was caramel.
Hubby and myself delved in and savored each and every bite. The cake was very moist, yet light in texture, just the way a great cupcake is supposed to be, and something Smallcakes is known for, and though I am admittedly not a frosting fan, hubby assured me that it was quite good. I tried a bit of each and agreed. After a bit more chatting, and of course eating every last nibble of our cupcakes we took a quick tour of the facilities. 

The Freshberry portion of Freshberry And Smallcakes is referring to the frozen yogurt that they serve...though I did not try any yesterday, I know that I intend to in the near future. *learn more HERE
Wendi decorates the minis, you can buy them for 1.00 each! Just the right size for me...that way I can have two!
Everyone takes a hands on approach and does it with love in their heart and it comes through when you eat a Smallcake.
 After I had taken a few photos Tony informed us that we were going to be given the gift of half a dozen cupcakes to take home to share and sample. Normally I turn down gifts, as I do not promote businesses in my area in the hopes that will happen, but we are talking cupcakes here and my sweet took took over...besides I wanted to bring you a broader picture and opinion of the product after all. So we carefully choose a few flavors we had not seen before(they offer 15 daily flavors, as well as a few house and seasonal specialties) and one tried and true(Red Velvet)and headed home...eager to try them all out. 

Top left , to bottom right....Red Velvet, Caramel Crunch, Hot Fudge Sundae, Lemon, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Peanut Butter Cup....*descriptions here
As is our habit, hubby sliced open all the cupcakes, put them on the plate and served with two forks. After much sampling,mmmms and ahhhs and of course yummies, we picked our favorites(though all very good) we settled on Peanut Butter and Jelly as well as the Peanut Butter cup. I even ate more than one little bite of the frosting...a very close runner up for us both was the Caramel Crunch. 
Both my hubby and myself highly suggest that if you are in the Roseville area,(as well as in these other locations )you drop in for a Smallcake (and some Freshberry Yogurt too)...oh and keep an eye out for more locations as time goes on as well as another appearance on Food Network's Cupcake Wars (filming begins for it in November...check local listings for times and dates). 

*side notes:
Freshberry and Smallcakes Roseville offer fundraising opportunities,such as the upcoming one benefiting breast cancer awareness in the month of October, as well as special orders for special occasions. You can find all contact information here and here


  1. OMG! Ruby after reading this, I must go into my kitchen and find something sweet to eat. What a great place, with great people.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. had the peanut butter cup one//yummy! :)

  3. Those cupcakes look SO moist!!! I want that strawberry creme, birthday cake and the peanut butter & jelly one I saw!! Ooooh, nummy num! I need a sweet treat now. giggle...


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