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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Having My Cake and Eating It Too!

Yesterday I had such a sweet day! Back in May I had won two dozen cupcakes from a local shop by the name Cupcake Cravings. Somehow I had missed the email in my Facebook inbox and was greatly saddened by that all know what a big sweet tooth I have! I tried to send a message back but I guess it too got missed. Well lucky me, I posted to their Facebook page and they spotted it, and told me to go get my cupcakes! Twirly dances ensued! So yesterday we, my daughter and myself made the 30 minute drive to Folsom, one of the many locations, to go pick them up. YES, I will drive if it means free cupcakes! 

We walked into the small store front and were warmly greeted by Stephanie, the clerk that works at the Folsom store, stated who I was and then the fun began. She told us we could pick up all two dozen or spread it out, of course as much as I love cupcakes and will drive for them, I will not do it often so we decided to pick out our two dozen right then and there.

Our greeter and hostess for our time at Cupcake Cravings, Stephanie.
We had many to choose from! List of flavors vary, from month to month, day to day and around the holidays, but here is a basic list of ones available each and every day!

Though not included, there was cookies and...

ice cream at this location.

As you can see we got a very nice variety of flavors to indulge in!

Are they not just so beautiful???
We took our goodies outside, as there is a lovely shaded area with tables and benches where you can sit, relax and devour your cupcakes, cookies or ice cream. We had already decided while in the store what our choice for the here and now would be....Lemon Boost: lemon cupcake with a lemon curd filling and topped with a toasted meringue topping, or you can get it with a lemon butter cream frosting. We choose this flavor first off as we both adore lemon, my daughter and I, and though I love cupcakes I am not into a lot of frosting, so the idea of a meringue topping excited me.

Look it even sparkles!

A nice pocket of lemon curd awaits us!
Going in for the first bite...
Almost there!
OH! The crisp, light and airy meringue with a slight toasted marshmallow taste...soon hitting the equally airy and light lemon cake and then finally the rich, tart, yet sweet and creamy lemon curd...perfection in a paper wrapper!
Once home, my daughter Rebecca took her choices, some we cut in half so we each could try, my daughter Angel taking some of my halves as well as a few quarter slices for her and her friends to try, and finally setting aside for a friend from twitter to come pick up, I put my selections back in the box, and waited for hubby to come home. We planned on a cupcake and champagne tasting for dessert that night; that is exactly what we did too! Two plates filled with slices and bites of cupcakes , and a glass each of the bubbly ...oh what fun we had! 
After the last one was tried, we both had favorites, though they were all wonderful, moist and flavor filled, my husband had too many on his list to type out here, and same came from my daughters and basically you can not go wrong with any of them, but my favorite still has to be the Lemon Boost and I would make the 30 minute drive any day for that delightful mouth watering, delicious cupcake! 

If you live in the Sacramento area, there are several stores in which to go find your sweet bite HERE for locations. If you do not live in this area, I am sure there is at least one, or more cupcake bakeries in your area so I urge you to have your cake and eat it too! 



  1. Those look delicious Ruby honey!!!! Lucky girl! Have a fabulous night!

    Have you entered my 2 year blogoversary giveaway yet? It's amazing!

    Kori xoxo


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