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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Candles Are Lighted With Love...

Well it is a busy week in the Feldman household. As you know Monday was our youngest daughter's 20th birthday and today is our middle daughter Rebecca's 23rd birthday! By the way if you did not already see off to the side, she is the talented artist that designs my blog for me and often the other avatars I use. Anyway, as I did with our oldest Chanda, and a few days ago with Angel, I am posting a birthday photo tribute to Rebecca to show her how much we adore and appreciate her on this her special day....after all this months posts are all about gratitude, blessings, being thankful and celebration! 

Rebecca taken a few years  back around the age of 15.
( I sadly do not have baby pics scanned in...she was a cutie!)

In this one singular photo I see how others say she looks like our youngest Angel...they are just shy of 3yrs apart, but people call them twins.
Here they are together on New Year's Eve nearly 8yrs ago.
Becky can be so serious one moment and a goof the next!
Here she is at 16 or 17...This is a fav photo! 
She has a beautiful smile!

We are so proud of her artistic talents! 

Recently she became engaged to be married in June..we are so very happy for her and warmly welcome him into the family.
I adore all my girls....
Here they came together to celebrate my birthday this past July...and I hope by this time next year we can all be together again to celebrate all of theirs. 

Love you Sweets!
Cheers to you Rebecca on your 23rd birthday!


  1. Congrats on a beautiful daughter and happy birthday to Rebecca! Kori xoxo

  2. Aww....I love your post about your daughters. Nice to see all the family love you guys have. It's amazing how much your daughters do look alike. I have seen your daughters artwork and that kind of talent is a gift. They look like lovely girls.

    Thanks for sharing
    Dee xx

  3. Congratulations on raising such beautiful daughters! Just like their Mom! I loved looking at all the picturesf.


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