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Monday, March 19, 2012

All Hail The Queen....

Ok, maybe not everything, but working on
at least my is a start!

Over the last several weeks I have shared my re-reading journey through The Queen Of Your Own Life. I have as I always have been so very transparent with my feelings and my struggles. I truly admit that I may just have to read the book over and over and may never be able to have my crowning ceremony and fill out my certificates....

find certificates and more HERE

I know that after two times through I should be "more than ready" as the certificate says. But as life for me is both at a standstill and in the middle of a whirlwind of activity within our family, I find it very hard to feel I am truly ready, that perhaps my crown still needs a bit more spit and polish. I have also now for months, and it becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with, been having more health issues on a daily basis and I am simply so exhausted from it all that my crown keeps slipping off my head. 
I envision this is what it should be like

I believe being truthful aides in my happiness and not hinders it so I am not afraid to share all that with you. If I was to keep it in, well then I might just have snow white hair instead of silver strands that weave throughout. Chapter 8 in the book is all about celebration, having worked through the previous 7 chapters and banished our inner crones, fought against Mongol Hoarders, built up around us our court of ladies in waiting, that crown should be ready to be popped on our head, pinned on for dear life and spit shined till it sparkles. I think some of us just take a bit longer to do it all to get to the celebration point and that is alright. Life happens and you are human. IF you have gotten to this point and ARE more than ready I applaud you!

"Proclaim Yourself Queen 
Of Your Own Life
The Crowning Ceremony"

You can download your certificates(and even a coat of arms too) on the website, and if you own the book there is a list of supplies to buy to have at your crowning is time to party! Oh and I want to hear all about it and I will for sure share your stories with the authors!! Now read the text below out loud! I am most positive I am not that far behind you with my own crowning ceremony! 

"Royal Proclamation
From this day forward, I will remember I am
an extraordinary woman~beautiful, intelligent,
brave and powerful. With the wisdom and tools
that I have gained, I am excited to embark on the 
adventure that is the glorious second half
of my life. I am now truly the Queen Of My Own Life."

****As always if you have an idea of a subject matter you would like to read on my blog, please email me or post to my Twitter or Facebook Fan page. I am always looking for new material while in this down time between daycations, weddings and trying to buy a home.  


  1. These are so cute Ruby! I hope you're well friend. Kori xoxo

  2. Hi Ruby...You've got a lot of strength friend. You will be ready for that crown soon. You truly are an inspiration to others. I have really enjoyed you sharing this book. I want you to know, just last night I was saying prayers, (sometimes they're so long I fall asleep) and I was thinking about all you have been through and the planning of two weddings now....I just want you to know, I included you in my prayers and pray that you and your family get some blessings.

    Dee xoxo


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