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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and Mother Nature has granted us a break in the rain and even a bit of sunshine and warmth to enjoy before it all moves back in on us here in Northern California. Of course I have Spring fever. I desire to be surrounded by daffodils and tulips all about the apartment, to hear the birds sing in the trees below my windows while I sip lemonade spritzers. I am eager to start daycations once again and explore a few new areas among the hills that surround where we reside; I have several new historic areas picked out already! 

For right now, with not much to share with you, having finished the book Queen Of Your Own Life, and it still threatening rain each of the days my hubby has off, my Spring fever will have to be tempered with lovely images* from the past that speak of the season to me!

*all images gathered from free photo sites and google searches.


  1. My daughter is just reading that book. I know she would love to hear from someone who has read it too. She's been struggling lately!

  2. Love the images! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing! I am your newest follower :) Hope you get those daycations soon. I'm going to steal that term! I need to do the same living only miles from historic Summerville, plantations and Historic Charleston, SC. I have no excuse not to venture out and partake of my spring!


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