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Friday, April 27, 2012

For The Love Of Chocolate

After a long day I love a good book and delish chocolates!

A short while after becoming active on Twitter, I was honored with getting to know a delightful mother and daughter who happen to make mouth watering chocolates. I had seen a mutual friend post a photo of her box of chocolate truffles that had arrived all wrapped up in a feast for the eyes packaging. I of course expressed my delight for her and the package of truffles and that is how the friendship started. We tweeted back and forth and I expressed that eventually one day I was going to make it happen, make it so I could enjoy their chocolates for myself. My budget was tight and it would have to wait, but would indeed happen. It happened sooner than I ever thought....they sent me a box as a gift! I was over the moon happy and touched to my very core. I of course blogged about it; I had to share my joy. A few months later I had kept my word and had made an order as a Christmas treat to myself...and it was indeed just that a treat!

*Jean Harlow had the right idea...chocolates in bed! 

So who is this mother daughter team of chocolate? Shocolaate . I thought it might be fun, after the great response to the last two Q&A's I have done here within my blog to do the same with this scrumptious duo! I do hope you will enjoy!!

Diana Pace,the creative designer and her daughter,the
"Prez" of Shocolatte.
*photo used w/permission of Diana.
What made you decide to go into business for yourselves? 

 "I have always had a passion for cooking, it runs in my family and basically if you don't know how to cook, then you will just being in our presence.  I always watched cooking shows as a kid and felt the urge to learn more about baking and the pastry side of the culinary world.  I haven't always known that this would be my road.  After graduating HS in CA, I moved to FL and attended Northwood University majoring in International Business.   It was a fabulous experience but I was getting very bored in the classroom and wanted to explore something new. Culinary School popped in my head and I decided to give it a shot.  I left the University after almost 2 years and took a leap of faith. I attented Culinary school got a job right out of school
at Mar a Lago working in the pastry shop learning from the best  Not mention, my boss was DONALD TRUMP!  
 I then decided it was time to go on my own and took that chance and well out
of that with the help of my mom Shocolaate became a reality."

Signature Collection 

How did the idea come about to open a chocolate shop?

 "I really loved chocolate quarter at my school(!) and decided on a specific product line so truffles was the focus"

Red velvet 

How did you get started initially?


"I wanted to make my own schedule and work when I wanted to.  I first thought of creating a company only making specialty truffles.  So one day I went to costco, bought a bunch of chocolate and began experimenting with different flavors.  The idea seemed to be a hit when I tested them on all of my friends and family.  Soon after, I created a Facebook fan page with amateur photos of my work and surprisingly got some really great feed back.   At this time, I decided I needed to up the quality of chocolate I was using due to the fact that I wasn't only testing it on my friends anymore.  I remembered the chocolate supplier we would use at Maralago, looked up their info and gave them a call.  Two days later I was hand delivered the most decadent Belgian Chocolate. By this time it was the end of January.  My goal was to "open" for Valentines day 2010.  My mom also liked the idea so she joined and helped me at this time.  We got the fan page up with more photos and started advertising for people to order for their loved ones for Valentines Day.  The response was OK.  Nothing overwhelming , but at least we had some orders. Now it is crazy! With all of the time on our hands, we started experimenting with food and chocolate.I come up with all kinds of ideas for truffles everday.   At this time we discovered the covered pretzels and oreos how beautiful we could make them.   My mom came up with doing different collections for different occasions.  For instance, the Bridal Collection.  We definitely attracted a lot of attention with that collection.  Since the day we started, we have only grown.  Everyday, we become more efficient and more experienced with all of the trials and tribulations.  Every batch of truffles tastes better and each collection gets more detailed. We now do truffle/beer pairings and that has been a great success.  It has definitely been a great learning process, and I know there is a LOT to learn still.  I consider every piece of advice that I get, and appreciate constructive criticism."

Pink Cloud

Tiffany Collection 

When did you start/how long have you been creating chocolates, professionally that is.

"We started in Feb 2010 and still growing and going strong"
Star of India 

What goes into your creative process when creating new flavors and products? 


"I love creating new ideas as really anything can go into a truffle! Bacon, chilis, goat cheese, jalapenos the list goes on. I am really influenced by my the cooking channel, my travels and my culinary experience as just about anything can be made into a ganache. Also I am influenced by my fellow tweeters!"

The Colombian 

What kind of success have you had? 


Bridal Collection 

Have you reached any goals with your business yet?


"Yes and way beyond! What are your future goals? To be a household name."
On the "road" to success! 

I think you will get there...thank you so very much for filling in the blanks and letting myself and my readers learn more about the background of Shocolaate and how it came about. 

"Thank you!"

The great thing about Shocolaate is that you can customize your order to match your specific tastes from traditional to exotic, there is a flavor of truffle for all! With ever changing flavor profiles for the seasons and holidays, as well as always being able to get the signature flavors, you could order on a regular basis and always find something new to try.  Diana and Cristina are always willing to work with the customer(s) and make their chocolate dreams come true. Be sure to pop over to their web site, find them on Twitter and FB and even Pinterest let them help you do just that....make your chocolate dreams come true. 

*all photos used with permission from Cristina Vines & Diana Pace


  1. Ruby!!!!We love it thank you so very much for your sweet words! Love you! xxxx

  2. Hi Ruby, What a great post. Everybody loves chocolate. I love stories like that, it's great to hear about people building their business with passion. What beautiful ladies!
    Great questions and answers.
    Dee xoxo


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