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Friday, April 13, 2012

In Support Of A Friend

I am not normally one who gets into politics. I watch the news, I read snippets on line about what is going on nationally as well as locally. I read the pamphlets and such when the time arrives to vote. But I am not a person to discuss politics much or go to political events. That changed last night...not to where I am now doing all that in which I just mentioned, but I did attend a political function, a campaign reception, last night. I went in support of a friend. To me that is the most important thing, be it political or not. 

Bonnie Gore, the wife of my husband's friend since youth is running for our local city council. I must admit I do not know Bonnie as well as I would like. Life just happen to bring us together because of our husbands. I do know her to be a kind, strong, brave, inspiring and generous soul. She is as I mentioned, a wife, also a step Mom to a wonderful young son and has always been a part of our community, helping to make it better. I know her to love our town of Roseville, California, and the people who live here. She cares what happens here. That is enough for me to wish to support her...even over and above my civic duty to vote. Just as an example of what kind of person she is, when we received the invite to attend last night, it was of course a fund raiser. If you have been following along here, you know we are trying to save every dime so to get into a house, hopefully by years end. I told her we would love to support her, but we could not swing at this time the price per was not that we did not wish to, just that it was not feasible till the next pay day hit. Donations are part of running for office. Running campaigns cost money, that is just a fact. Bonnie looked past that, she invited us to come, despite the lack of funds to donate, and to be her and her husbands guest. That is what a friend does. It does not matter if we had not seen each other often in recent years, only chatting from time to time online, she extended a hand, the hand of friendship. We were happy to go and do the same by being there to cheer her on as she embarks on a new to her journey into politics. 

I am excited to follow her journey. Be inspired by it and support her as a friend. That is what this post is about. It is not about politics, it is not to urge you to vote or to send donations to her campaign, if you live in Roseville California and are reading. It is a post about being in support of a friend. Being there when they call and say they would love you to be a part of something that means so much to them. I do not have a single gal pal to speak of here, a few aquatints sure, but not a close friend so to be included meant a lot. I won't lie and say I was excited over politics...that could take time, but it was very nice to be included in a bigger picture. So thank you to Bonnie Gore for reaching out and doing that. If you are one of my local fans, I hope you will reach out to Bonnie and let her hear from you....I promise you will not regret it. And if you are not local, as I know I have readers all over the world, then reach out to a friend today and include them in your life, and show them support in what is going on in theirs. 

Myself and Bonnie Gore

 *If local, to learn more of one of your local candidates, click here

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  1. You're a GOOD friend! I'm not very political either but i'd do it for a friend too!
    Blessings, Lorraine


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