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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Put A Hat On It

I adore a good hat. I am not really choosy about the style..though of course cloche styles are my favorites and what I own most of. To me, a hat, just like shoes or the prefect jewelry make or brake an outfit. I can be dressed just in jeans and a T and if I pop on a great hat, well instantly it elevates the whole look! If I am feeling down, as I have been for a few days, I shop for hats, try them on and at times if I am lucky bring a new one home. Hats make me very happy. 

I always loved hats growing up, but did not wear them as often as I would have like, but as teen I was lucky enough to own a few vintage hats and I would indeed wear them...granted I got a few odd looks, but I did not care, I thought they were wonderful!

No I am not always drinking, just seems
when photos of me in a hat are taken I am. 
See I do venture from cloche hats
on occasion.

I love hats so much that I have made it my avatar to represent my blog, and my lovely daughter Rebecca has been working on a whole series for me. If you follow my FB page as well as my Twitter account, you will see them change with the season. Recently she has even made them available to buy in her Etsy shop Vintage Inspired.

Recently I discovered a lovely lady who makes the most divine hats! At  you can find such amazing creations such as these, some of her most recent designs. I hope one day to own at least one, if not more! I am always sharing her latest designs on my facebook fan and personal page. She makes them for all seasons, these of course are the Spring releases. If you click on the above link it will take you to her FB page and all the links to her Ebay, Etsy and web page. If you are a lover of hats, I highly suggest taking a peek and following her...tell her Ruby sent you.

As much as I love wearing hats, I love collecting photos of women in hats. You can see a few here on my Pinterest page...or keep scrolling and see a few of my favorites I have collected recently. I will clarify some I of the bigger more Victorian styles are not my style, but I do adore looking at them...but for the most part I would indeed wear them! I hope you enjoy!

Claire Windsor

Bette Davis

Joan Crawford


  1. When someone says to me,"I love hats but I don't look good in them",I say,"Honey,you just haven't found the right hat".

  2. An absolutely GORGEOUS post, Ruby!!!! LOVE it!!!! I've always adored a good hat...hat's from the 20's and teens are my FAVORITES!!!!

  3. OMG! I actually had a green one like that first hat! Loved it because it kept all the rain out. Hated it because it gave me hat hair and I couldn't take it off until I was back home -- and, it made my head itch!... But a great post. Love all the old pix.

  4. I LOVE hats too and cloches are also my favorite. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics. BTW great nick name it suits you very well, my Grandma's name was Ruby, she was born in 1905 so she was truly in her early 20's in the mid 1920's.


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