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Monday, May 21, 2012

Enough to Make Your Head Spin

There are times in life that make your head spin, life is like that right now for me. So much so that I can not concentrate on writing posts ...too much going on and too little at the same time. However I thought I would give an update to those who have been following along on my life posts...I know you are out there.

bette davis

As the days stretch into nights and back into days again, we are getting close to so many life events coming to pass. Our youngest daughter is in the process of packing up to move out of the nest....YES AGAIN! Guess we cramp her style. I have mixed emotions. I know it is time. I know it is for the best, but will miss her. I shall not  miss her mess, or the extra chores she creates...but her being here. Right on the heels of her leaving,  our oldest daughter will be moving back to California next week. She and her  betrothed will be living in the very same complex as my husband and myself. We have not lived in the same state for a number of years and only see each other one to two times a year for short visits. I am not entirely sure I am ready for her to be in the same complex, and yet at the same time am glad that she is back; we share many interests. 

anita paige 

Come June 17th our middle daughter will be saying her "I DO" to her intended, with that event brings  my parents to California and a gent that is like a Dad, along with his girlfriend and my cousin as well with his family that I have yet to meet (have not even seen him in over 10 years!)...that brings stress, as it is me who has to entertain and I adore my family and miss them as well...even my grumpy Dad...but the thought of entertaining for so many days in a row and with the wedding in the middle, well it tuckers me out right off the bat. So as you can see these are the reasons my head is spinning. I have not even mentioned all the hair and nail appointments, last minute preparations and even an engagement photo shoot for the oldest during this time....never mind daily life and happenings!!

colleen moore 

Yes, we are still going to try to apply for a FHA home loan, that alone has been so head spinning and we have not even really started. One mortgage broker says no way, not for another year. the next one says "yes, but it will be tough" and gives us a grocery list of things we need to have prepared to even try. The third, a client of my husbands who had once offered to help us out in casual conversation while buying a car from him (and we had not thought of since), was at the dealership a few days ago and made a point to stop by hubby's office, asking how it was all going, hubby told him and this gent had many ideas of how to make it happen, had said he had made them happen for people not unlike ourselves and then even thought outside the box as well. YES! again something that can make your head spin with all the conflicting information. We also still plan to speak to a friend who is an investor to see if he would just buy us a home that we could lease to own...a long shot, but then so is everything else!

sarah bernardt

On that note, speaking of long shots, there is another one....even finding a home. In our "pocket" of what we can afford, there is nearly no inventory and well cash buyers are snatching them up before they hit the MLS, when they do, they have one or more offers on them. It is hard to even know what is for sale, as there is not for sale signs in the front yards! How is one to even figure it all out?? I have spent the last few days looking at homes and wondering are they or are they not? The homes on my portal often do not make it clear!

alice in wonderland circa 1933

It is like being Alice and falling down the rabbit hole and after a long and scary tumble you land in a land and it is all topsy turvy and nothing is as it seems...that my dears is what buying a home is like in this market and with the restrictions we have. Many ask, "Why not wait?", "Save more money" , " See where you are at in a year and where the market is never know, it might be better." All these are reasonable questions, but very frustrating to hear. The unknown in all that is IF in a year there will be a home at all we can afford and in an area we are wanting or willing to live. We are not sure we wish to take that risk. But I have mentioned all this to you you know. Still it is enough , and I shall say it again, to make your head spin. 


  1. Wow, Ruby, you DO have your plate full! Your daughters' lives are all in the midst of exciting changes and so is yours ... you're going to need a breather after all the weddings and moving changes going on within your family! ;) Hopefully one of those "moving" changes will be one of your very own in the near future! xoxo

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

  2. Hi Ruby, WHEW! No wonder you feel like your head is spinning. That is an awful lot to be going on at once. A wedding alone can be draining, but also exciting. As one daughter moves out I think it's nice one will be in the same complex as you. That's nice, not too close that you have to tidy up after her and not far at all. I say don't wait on your dreams, dig your heels in and go after it. If it's your time....there's a house out there with your name on it. I do hope you find that home soon.
    Dee xoxo


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