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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Blissful Day!

Taking a day just to relax!

Yesterday my hubby and myself took a day to just relax and unwind before the madness continues. Our younger daughter Angel was at work so hubby would not have to help her move to her new living arrangements till later on and as our oldest has not yet relocated to California, it seemed the perfect time. I did not wish to go far, being as tired as I am and achy as well, being in the flair that I am, we decided on our favorite place to just unwind, Old Town Sacramento. Now I have done a few posts sharing our visits there, and you can find them under the daycation label  if you are interested; we have a routine of sorts when we go. I thought this go around I would just share the photo shoot my hubby did of me. 

Next week, my Uncle will take a few more as we will be there for our oldest daughter Chanda's engagement photo this is sort of a prelim! Some of you have seen the photos as you are friends with me on FB or follow the fan page, but for those that are not on one or the other or both...or even if you are...thanks for indulging me. Believe it or not I once was VERY camera shy! But as part of my doing my best with being ok with who I am and every thing that goes with it, I have rather embraced posing for the photos. There is a plus as well....hubby and I have a lot of fun doing them. Thanks for putting up with me and all the photos of well, me!

Our first stop once we reached our destination was the old school house. It is located right near where we park and to my delight there is a swing set there!

When I saw this old pump,
 I just had to give it a go!

Sadly no matter how hard I pumped,
there was not a drop to be had.
Good thing I guess, since I did not
have a bucket! 

Once we had played around at the school, it was off to go get a bite to eat. We love to go to the Delta King and go to the bar and grill there. On lovely days such as these, we sit on the outside deck overlooking the water. Because we go for a late lunch, there is rarely very many people there...we like it that way. We dined on fish and chips, but quite often we have the cheese plate, crusty bread and bubbly! We love to just sit in silence and watch the world float by...yesterday one of the river cruises did that and hubby waved back to the people who waved at all of us ....much to their delight! Then hubby grabbed the camera and started snapping pics of me. 

Decided to wear my hair in waves and curls...
The wind had a few ideas of it's own!

I could watch the water for hours!

But too soon lunch was over;
it was time to go. 

After we left the boat, we walked along the wooden slatted sidewalks of old town snapping off a few more photos, some near the trains that rest after years of service, and some near some of the historic buildings...all on our way to find a wine tasting room that serves a couple local wineries we love. Oh and we also lucked out and found a place that serves piping hot, made to order mini doughnuts! 

My now classic pose

mmmm doughnuts! 

Hubby, always photo bombing my photos! *giggle*

So tasty! 
Before I forget...Happy National Wine Day!


  1. Lovely outfit.. nice design there

  2. Ruby you are adorable! Love the waves in your hair. Sounds like a great relaxing time. I think it's so cute that your hubby takes all those pics of you while you pose. This was fun to read.
    Thanks for sharing.


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