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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pamper Me Time

Just a little off the ends please?? 
Gracious! Time is flying and in just a couple weeks time it will be time to see the first of our daughters marry! Just in the past week we had the youngest move out and the oldest moved into an apartment with her beloved just a walkway away! There has been a flurry of activity! Boxes being loaded and unloaded and in between we have even manged, middle daughter and I, to create birthday invites for my 20's/Alice in Wonderland tea party she and the other two girls are throwing me! Well in all this I simply must find time for a bit of fun and pampering. That is just what I have been doing and plan to do! Besides a gal has to look her best for all the goings ons! 

On Sunday my hubby, myself and the bride to be ( the soonest one) took a daycation back to Shenandoah Valley, here in the foothills of the Sierra's and went, what tasting...OH and bubbly too!! Yes, dearhearts, I know we were just there, but it is so lovely, so relaxing and well the wines are yummy and free to taste! We used the occasion for our darling daughter to shoot a few pics of course...rare that hubby and I get to be in the shots together, so we had fun with it...just having had several tastings and a port ice cream sundae helped aide in all that of course!

Of course there was a fashion shot...

Please ignore the solar light behind
is a mere illusion I assure you! 

Now onto the normal post...though no worries we have two more daycations planned for this weekend and they will involve wine, and then more of Old Town Sacramento and those yummy doughnuts fresh made to order as we go there for engagement photos for our oldest daughter and I may get a few of me as well...and hoping of love sharing what outfits I manage to pull together. *wink wink* 

ANYWHO.... Friday is pampering day. I go in for my final hair cut before the wedding and all that goes with it. I may need some opinions as I am on the fence! I always trust you my lovely readers! Currently I have a very Louise Brooks hair cut, ala Pandora's Box...A line in the back, but as if the tip top of that  "A" has been removed...then the sides are very blunt....

fronts and side
The back is pretty high above middle of
back of head, and it is then shingled
and below that shaved.

I was not 100% with the way it styled on me in the back initially, a month later it is a bit better...but what I am on the fence about is to leave it with the months growth, just having bangs cut ( they are far too long now) and getting a nape shave and letting the top layer grow to more of a mid head length  again, or should I go back to this extreme shortness in back and angle the sides even more....I once wore such a style and it was quite spunky...though it does not lend itself to the curly/wavy style I at times wish to wear ( as it seems popular over on the Facebook Fan Page).

Would not have the front tips quite as long,
or razored...but you get the idea. 

I have collected a few images for consideration as well.... any shout "YES" ??


Back similar to what I have, but letting
the top layer grow over the shingled and
a slight more angle...nothing drastic mind you. 
Basically what I have, but longer in back,
grow back out to a blunt bob.

All these have a sharper side angle.
Three different lengths

Clara's is a bit fuller
than I normally wear, BUT
is basically what I have with
 a deeper side angle.

Grow out back layers and
go with sharp angle??

Lookie Pola had the same one
I showed you of me above, but
no razoring to the sides..just
like I mentioned.
Again one of growing out the
back a bit and adding the slight angle

So now darlings time to speak up...the appointment is Friday at noon!!!


  1. Oh Ruby it's so difficult to choose because I can see you in all these haircuts. I think your hair looks great! If I had to choose one I like the idea of growing the top layer a little with sharper angles. Although I think your other comment from Joy is a good choice also. I know which ever way you choose will look great on you. You have the face and look for these styles. I also love the pics of you and hubby.
    Can't wait to hear what you decided.
    Dee xx


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