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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine and Paella

Come on, you know we had to stop!

Saturday was wine club pick up at m2 in Lodi. One of the only two wine clubs hubby and I are members of. Wine club pick up day is always fun. There is live music, free food and we get to see all our fellow members and visit with the owners and wine maker, Layne Montgomery and that is always a lot of fun and it is a very enjoyable way to spend the day. I have always shared when we go to m2. You can click on the labels, either wine or daycations and find many posts about the wine and our time there, and a bit further down the this blog post I shall share a few snap shots and links of our time there once again. HOWEVER, we did not just go to m2. Oh no! We made a stop along the way, at a winery/tasting room I had been wanting to stop at for years! We finally did it and did not regret it! McConnell Estates Winery in Elk Grove, California. 

McConnell's tasting room is located on the family property, within the family farm house circa 1860. Long before a major highway was running in front of their "front yard" this jewel of a home and a family resided there, not originally making wine, that came later. The story of the wine begins with another intertwined with the McConnell's and hubby and I are very happy that now you can walk inside, be greeted by Cory on any given Saturday or Sunday and sip some well priced and well made offerings. (*read history here)

As mentioned, I have been wanting to stop here for years, not because I knew of the wine or what it would be like, but because of my love of old homes and history and I was not disappointed. I of course had to snap off a few photos...and hubby snapped a few of me ( you can see more on my FB fan page)......

Old barns, fields of grapes vines,
and beautifully landscaped grounds
welcome the visitor. (You can see
the house on their web site)

Waiting for hubby before
stepping in. 
After a small entry way, what was
once, I am guessing the main living

Off to the left of the room below,
was a sun room...could you
not just sit all day and sip wine

There was a delightful gift shop full
of yummies and trinkets as well as
family history as you can see from the

Back in the first room was a be-ribboned
display case full of treasures from
days gone by.

I did not get any of the tasting space nor the rest of the grounds to speak of ...I was too busy enjoying the wines in the one and there was an event being set up in the other...but trust me both are worth seeing and sharing. After sampling all, and snapping of a few fashion pics to be shared on both my personal and the fan page on facebook, we were off to m2 Wines. We were looking forward to great wine, great conversation, music and the promised paella...we were not disappointed...take a look below! 

We were greeted with the amazing smells
of a Addy's Paella ...a mix of shrimp,
sausage and tender white meat chicken and
of course the rice and seasonings...mmmmmm! 

We had three helpings! YES! It was that good!

Music that made you sway in time
floated above the busy chatter of
those at m2 to enjoy the wine, food and

A mix of jazz and perhaps a touch of tropical even,
a perfect CD to listen to while entertaining or
relaxing... find out how to contact here.

Layne Montgomery, the wine maker
and one of the original owners
of m2, discussing his latest



  1. Great pictures Ruby! What a great place to visit. Looks there is a lot of history under that roof. You always go to such interesting places.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Dee xx

  2. Goodness me but this all sounds so exciting!! I love that little yellow porcelain doll in your treasures picture and drool...that paella look YUMMY!!


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