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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday In Sutter Creek California

A daycation post
Yesterday for Mother's Day, after having a lovely breakfast of bagels and mimosa's with the younger two of our three daughters, hubby and I decided to brave the the horrid traffic and take a Sunday drive. The destination was a small town in Amador County of California by the name of Sutter Creek. We have been there before and quite enjoyed it, but it had been a couple of years, so it was indeed time to visit again. ( read about our last trip here)

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierras, Sutter Creek is a wonderful example of a gold mining town, many of which still exist within a rather close drive from our apartment and the Sacramento valley. The drive is an easy ones and the bulk of the way is back country roads, twisting back and forth through open expanses of land filled with both cattle and quite a few deer 
(as we spotted yesterday)that come out to graze, paying no mind to the passing cars. As you get closer, signs of mines, wine tasting and even casinos dot the road sides. It is all at once relaxing, soothing and a little bit exciting the roads dip, twist and turn on their way to the destination of choice. 

Main Street, Sutter Creek Ca.
If hubby did not snore would be fun to stay here!

One day perhaps we will dine at The Palace ..

then grab a sweet and coffee at this delightful place.

We had decided on a re-visit due to the fact that the lovely lady that tweets for the tasting room of Scott Harvey Wines there on Main Street in Sutter Creek tempted us to come on down and unwind. How can one resist not only a beautiful drive, a quaint small town and free wine tastings?? There simply was just no way! So after an hour trip we made our way there and found the last parking space in the small lot across the street from not only the old home that housed Scott Harvey, but also three other tasting rooms, also housed in grand examples of architecture from long was going to be a fun afternoon!

Scott Harvey is in the larger building, then Cinque is
in the smaller house nestled next to it. 

We managed to go to three of the tasting rooms all together (of course that means we have to go back again for the fourth and revisits of the others). We went first to Scott Harvey,where we had a wonderful time chatting with Kelsy, who poured our wine tastings, then right next door we spent a lovely hour at the shared tasting room of SeraFina Cellars and Cinque  chatting and sharing sips with the servers there...I even received a rose at the latter for being a Mom. Then it was a revisit to Sutter Creek  Tasting Room ( where they serve 40 different sips, including bubbly), where we had been once before on our last visit and sampled some bubbly... always a favorite of mine. There was not a single disappointment at any of the wines we tasted. Of course we liked some better than others and in the end did buy a couple bottles of what we deem "table wine" (as it was $ friendly) from the tasting room at Cinque and a bottle of pomegranate bubbly(because it was Mother's Day of course!) from the last tasting room....and with promises to ourselves and the server at Scott Harvey to come back when our wine fridge has room for a few  bottles that we had marked on our tasting notes....basically more of hubby's taste and desires (not that I did not enjoy, as I did, but had heart set on bubbly). 

Time for bubbly! 

Once we had our fill and our bodies were telling us it was time for food, we strolled down the street and popped into a whole in the wall Mexican food eatery by the name of Pepitas, one of the top places to eat in 2011 in that area! We agree. We were there rather early for supper so managed to find a seat right away before they quickly filled up and just as quickly piping hot chips were served and our order was taken. When it arrived it was just as delish as promised and like the wine tasting rooms, we know we will return to eat there again!! 

Beef Enchilada with red sauce for hubby,
chicken with green sauce for myself...both were tasty!

Once we had stuffed ourselves *giggle* we strolled up and down the now deserted sidewalks and hubby snapped off a few photos for me to share on my facebook page and with you here as well. All in all it was a lovely Sunday and though it was not entirely spent with all my girls as last years was, it was a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day. 

Photo Shoot Time ....

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