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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Am I keeping you on your toes guessing when the next update will be? I know Monday's had been the day, but it seems best intentions do not always result in actions on my part.  I have a few updates. Countdowns have begun and as always there is a lot of hurry up and waits. So I guess I shall begin with the updates. Last week I let you know that we got the appraisal and that we had gotten the fix it list, well as far as we can tell everything is checked off that list, well all but one small thing. Heat. I mentioned that the gas had been turned off and that we had to get that turned back on before getting the appraiser back out to sign off on the list. Yesterday was to be the day, and the owner was to be there to meet with PG&E ( the gas and electric company) to take care of this last step. I find out the night before he can not be there and was told that if a note was left on the door, they could turn the gas on, and he asked if we could leave one on the door, easy enough. I went about my day, which is not the day I had planned by any means, but that seems to be my life right now, but it was not a bad day, I got my hair cut ( a very short Louise Brooks style cut) and played taxi to my oldest daughter, got lost in the shady part of Sacramento trying to find my way to IKEA from my husbands place of employment and eventually made it and window shopped and when back in the car noticed a missed call... it was from hubby.. I was hoping for great news... not to be the case. Apparently  the gas company needs in the house to light the pilot light on the furnace.. which by the way we have no idea where it is, so guessing it is in the attic or on the roof, and they did not think about that ( that is where the A.C. unit is) and thus heat and the availability of it in the house is still in question.... and they can not get back out until Thursday.  FRUSTRATION is an under statement ; there is nothing we can do however to speed it up and so we will once again have a weekend upon us and even if the appraiser is ordered out it could be another full week until she gets out , and we hope signs off on the list. *sigh*

In the meantime, today we are signing papers to establish a new closing date for the end of the month,praying to close earlier than the date we are signing to... having already given notice to move out of our apartment , we are praying this is the last delay and we will indeed be able to move out, have time to clean and get the final inspection and all before 9/30. There is a bit of good, no great news; Its about the windows. I mentioned how grateful we were that they did not get flagged, but we do indeed wish to get them replaced and hopefully before Winter time. Well the owner set us up with a neighbor that just happens to put windows in. We got a quote and it is not bad, not bad at all and we can swing it ( with a bit of help from my Mom) and another perk, if we buy the new set of french doors for the dining room, they will replace that for us as well at the same time. So our new to us home will now have new paint, new carpet, new kitchen floor and new energy efficient windows.  Also in the category of "God/The Universe" is good, hubby got a bonus that will pay for the bulk of our whole house water treatment system that is needed for the house ( the water is horrid if you recall.. full of minerals and very hard) and so that will be taken care of in a very timely manner as soon as we can get the keys ( officially that is). So there is good things happening, and progress. 

So how am I making it through each day? Well, I am spending a lot of time at home stores, the hardware store, garden centers, and flipping through books and magazines looking for decor ideas. Mentally going down my check list of keeps and get rid of its and garage sale items. I am tossing things and giving other things away and well gearing up for our oldest daughters wedding... which by the way is NEXT SUNDAY on the 16th of September!! YES! Another wedding, and in the middle of trying to get into the house. Oh and by this time next week my Mom will be here, as well as other friends and relatives will arrive shortly there after.  So we have been bust planning, ironing things out, planning the menu and other last minute details as well as at the moment panicking just a bit because my hubby who got ordained to actually preform the wedding has not received his certificate and we do not have a lot of time for that to arrive and no alternatives set up in case it does not... he promises to call and get it , but he has been working very long, late hour days and has not found a moment to eat most days, never mind make a phone call, and he is also the one that has to contact the gent providing/cooking the food and needs to get that ironed out. To say I am stressed is again an understatement.... so much so that I have put on 5 pounds ... in all the wrong areas, and I am not sleeping most nights and have not slept in weeks! I am exhausted , and my dark circles and yawns support that fact.... did not even have the energy to collect photos to add to today's post!!! 

So there you have it, the countdowns going on in currently... everything with the house and getting it closed, the visit from my Mom and the wedding of our oldest daughter... and hopefully to the night when I finally can get some sleep and not be up watching infomercials all night long! 

Post written, nap time.


  1. That sounds like "piling on". I find myself getting anxious on your behalf. So I'll advise both of us, "breathe in, breathe out"...Enjoy your Mom; being Mother of the Bride and gaining a son and a new home. Oh gosh, that is a lot all at one time.

    Your house experience proves this saying not quite accurate, but still useful..."One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop." ~G.M. Weilacher
    May you soon get to the stage where these are the only two things you need.

  2. Thanks so much @Liz .. loved the quote and the wish and of course the support! Going to do my best to enjoy this next week... another thing piled on... they are power washing and painting my building starting Saturday through the following Sunday.. YEP while my Mom is here and the last minute preps for the wedding are going on... drive ways blocked, all my plants in the house instead on the porch, have to be careful to not sleep with window open and keep blinds closed as well...and be really careful when exiting door to not get sprayed LOL Happy Hour anyone??

  3. Hi Ruby, Sounds like Sept. is going to be very busy,but just think, you are still moving forward. That is GREAT news. I know you'll be very busy this month, but don't forget to stop for a moment here and there to notice the small things that pass us by so quickly. Fall is coming and lots to admire. Always look forward to your updates. I am much better at giving advice than taking my own advice. I have been so busy with homeschooling, housework, and started a little waitress job on Sundays at a little small country diner. One day of week of work is enough for me! I get stressed easily. LOL I just reminded myself today.... "don't forget the small things that pass so quickly." Enjoy the wedding. Talk to you soon.
    Dee xoxo


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