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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tick Tock

~Life Post~ 

Here I go again switching post days. I wanted to wait till I had an update as well as time. The clock is ticking on so many things in our lives right now and time is getting away from me all at the same time! At any given moment I am running around, full of energy and am a positivist, getting things done. The very next I am on the couch and feeling like I want to cry. Hormones, stress and my normal aches and pains (including some people in my life!) has me spinning like a second hand on a clock out of control! It has been a rough three months.

As you know on June 17th our middle daughter got married and we had family in and it was my job to be the entertainment for several days. The wedding was a happy occasion of course, but a stressful one. Then the very next week we applied to get pre-approved for a home loan and the house search began as soon as we had word that indeed we were. We had bid on a house very quickly, found out what a bidding war was like and also realizing we were not clicking with our own real estate agent.. but having already jumped from our first one, for various reasons, and some were not rational,I will admit that, we decided to stick it out. We went to look at other homes while waiting to hear on the one we already had an offer on and found what we thought was a dream home in a dream neighborhood... neither a dream we thought we actually had, but suddenly we just knew. We called our agent and scheduled a viewing, it needed work, but we loved it. We put in a bid on this one as well.... playing with fire in my mind, and well only a day later we were told the bad news.. another bidding war. We passed, we had to, and in the same time we pulled out of the other home, knowing it was not for us.. and also realizing, so was this agent we were working with. So posting the woes to facebook, as luck would have it, our former agent saw the post and emailed me and after a load of guilt filled apologies we had our first agent back. Your heard spinning yet?? I know mine was.

~it is enough to make you wanna scream!~

Just like before we were off and running and looking and near the end of July I was getting discouraged, but still kept looking and a home popped up and we went to take a look. Again in a town we had not expected to live in, and at a house we did not think would be us, but upon driving up, looking past the browning grass, broken picket fence and being close to a very busy road, we went and looked. Instantly I knew it was the house. Again, not perfect, certainly not by a long shot and it was going to be a lot of work.. intimidating, but not scary. The owner was there working on it and we "bonded" and it just cemented it for me. After we went to look at other places, and while doing so, my hubby called. I told him about the house and we went back to look.. he too loved it. Obviously, cause again if you have been reading all the posts from mid June through now, you know we put an offer in and we have been going through a lot of hurry up and waits. Well that brings us to the update. Today the appraiser finally comes to hopefully sign off on all the fixes that were required by FHA to fund the loan. We are in the final stretch. We already surpassed the last closing date and the next is coming up quickly... September 28... oh did I mention we gave notice and we have to hand in our keys to a clean apartment on the 30th?? 

During this all going on, with the waiting many days to first hear if our offer was accepted, then getting the appraisal ordered and then to get the appraiser out there and holding our breath to see what would be on the fix it list, finding time, money and help to get things fixed (thank goodness for a handy hubby and the owner actually stepping up even though it was an as is deal!!), and now after 2, nearly three weeks the appraiser is finally as I said suppose to go to the house, hopefully sign off on it and submit her report.... but as it took a week from when the re-vist was ordered till today, and nothing happens on a weekend, we are basically going to be in a waiting game yet again, and that tick tock of the clock is getting louder and louder!! 

The other things in my life going on at the moment? Our oldest daughter is getting married on this Sunday. YES! THIS SUNDAY! Yep, while we are waiting on the house to close, packing, living among boxes and plastic tubs stacked up, we have been dealing with another wedding to happen, hubby got ordained, my Mom is here visiting and stayed the night night before last and we were out with her all day yesterday before dropping her off at her sisters house and there are many last minute things needing to be done, and family gatherings to happen between today and Sunday night, when the wedding takes place. During all this as well, our building has been surrounded by painters. They have been power washing and painting all week and even today outside each and every window is a painter... talk about feeling like a fish in a fish bowl! I can not even shower, and they messed with my SAT dish and tv reception went out! Needless to say I was not too happy... second time in three days too! There is more.. but will not go into it all... I am just so ready when this is all over and we are finally through with the weddings, family visits, and moving... and we can finally say "we are home" !! Hopefully my next post will be me sharing a photo of our new to us home. Hey I can hope and dream! 

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  1. Hi Ruby, I hope you are enjoying the wedding, having a glass of wine or two, and catching your breath. I will be so glad when you can finally relax and enjoy your new home. Getting through all the red tape sounds exhausting, but you're doing it. You had a dream to own your own home again and you went after it. I applaud you! Best wishes to you as always. xoxo


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