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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whirl Wind ....

The last few days has been a whirlwind. My opinion on some of it I shall keep censored and not say what is really on my mind. Safer that way. Last we chatted, my Mom was coming into town for the wedding of our oldest daughter. She flew in late Wednesday, hubby was nice enough to pick her up, we had a late supper and she spent the night, and the next day we had a lovely morning/afternoon visit, complete with scones and then site seeing and showing her our soon to be residence. After we made the drive to drop her off at my Aunts house... she was staying with them to spend time with her mother ( my Grandmother) and her sister ( my Aunt). Friday was a quiet day. No big plans and just a day to take it easy before the madness of a wedding weekend.. little did I know how much I would need it!

Saturday during the day was not so bad, my youngest and myself went for a walk and then went out for a day of shopping and had a very relaxing time. We mostly window shopped, but I did manage to bring home a new wire basket and some candles for the future home, so was quite pleased. That night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I was skipping the first part, but was not left out of the family drama, being pulled in via phone calls from the bride, then my Mom and then speaking to my Aunt, back to talking with the bride.... will not go into it, but not fun times! Once at the place we all were eating at, it just went down hill from there. The family rift was still going on, the room we were to be dining in, well the manager and the wait staff mistakenly sat other people in and we had to wait 45 minutes, crowded into the waiting area to be seated; once sat, you could cut the tension with a knife.... "Drink please!!" Not to get graphic, but lucky me and my wonky hormones I was plagued by bad cramps as well... so yeah, fun times! I seriously just wanted to be home, in bed and reading my book. 

Fast forward to Sunday. The day of the wedding. Hubby and I spent the day packing and watching home shows, and in between fielding phone calls and visits from the bride and family members. Finally the time arrived to drive to the venue. When we arrived all was quiet and I went to find our "darling daughter". She was in getting hair and make up done and much to my surprise none of the wedding decorations were done, and she had a look on her face as if she was going to burst into tears and kill someone all at the same time. I rallied the troops and we went to work creating the decorations and getting them set up. I tried to calm her... not easy and I did not succeed. Come to find out that the poor girl was also hormonal as well as there had been an accident and she had gotten bopped in the nose, resulting in fear of a broken nose, bruising and was in pain. It truly was no wonder she was off the charts stressed (more than usual) and was snapping at anyone that spoke to her. Eventually the wedding did happen, and it went off without a hitch ( the picture taking unfortunately did not and she and I are both going to censor ourselves on that subject). I must say she did make a very pretty bride and the Rockabilly theme, it being held at the California Automobile Museum, surrounded with vintage cars was just perfect for her. We had sliders and chips (salads too), vintage soda's to sip on (though will admit my middle daughter smuggled in bubbly that we sipped on all evening) and we close out the evening with an ice cream bar... it was all just right for who our daughter is... and yes, though filled with stress and a number of hiccups, it was enjoyable... though we are all glad it is over. Two brides in three months... not what I recommend to anyone!

Monday, my Mom came to visit with me again and we took a long walk, grabbed some Peet's coffee, people watched and window shopped before she went back to my Aunts. I was unfortunately in a lot of pain from something that had happened at the wedding and the long walk did not help, so by evening I was couch bound. Much of yesterday was the same and I am only slightly better today, though I did walk again so as to release some stress. Mom spent the night last night and today flew back to Texas. I enjoyed her visit, but it was exhausting! Again censored. So now I am ready to just sit and relax and watch some HGTV and have a cup of tea, or two or three. I would already be doing so, but really did wish to fill you in on life in my neck of the woods. 

"What about the house you ask??" Well, my darlings, I shall tell you this. We are not there yet. We had hoped to be closing this week. I mentioned the delays and how nothing happens on a weekend, well they are still in place. The final FHA inspection happened. The report reviewed, turned in and sent to the lender. Apparently they are awaiting a credit report that should arrive today, and then from there we are told it takes 48-72 hours till the lender signs off and we can close. Are you doing the math?? Yes, you guessed it, that brings us to the end of the week and well nothing can happen on the weekend. So thus we shall not be moving this weekend as we had hoped and planned, we will be waiting, unable to pack further and unable to clean further and just as in the last post, the clock will continue to tick off the hours as we draw closer to the day we have to vacate the apartment, cleaned to within a inch of it's existence. OH! But here is the part I need to censor my true feelings about.. we were already told that the underwriter at the lender is behind and that will extend the amount of time before it is signed off on and we can close. Did I mention that we have to be out by the 30th or find a hotel to live in with everything packed and a cat in tow??  Our mortgage broker is trying to put a rush on it and tell the lender we will be homeless.. but honestly I am pretty sure they do not care. Again I shall censor my true thoughts on all of this. I have had so many people asking me and or saying that this still must be so very exciting. Well my response to that has to be censored as well I am afraid... but I am sure by now you can imagine my answer. 


  1. Let's see:
    1) Your family sounds really normal.
    2) Don't you just want to smack something now and then? Maybe an underwriter?
    3) Censorship sucks and/or is necessary for relationships
    4) On the bright have an additional week to pack. I'm sorry, that was uncalled for!
    5) Can't wait until your in your new home and we get the decorating and money pit details.

  2. Liz!
    Let's see...
    1) I adore you. Wish I could link to your page?? Write you an email ??
    2) Thanks for making me laugh when nothing but bubbly has recently
    3)You are correct on all accounts! Even the packing one, but instead I went shopping!
    4) I can not wait either.. got plenty and know there will be many more I am not expecting! But have pink tool set at the ready!
    5) Again I love you and wish I had a friend close by like you to get me thought this!

  3. This is something I wrote early 2011, but never published as a blog. It's always felt too personal to share, but it will tell you something about me; and I must be ready to share it. Read it if you like, then you can let me know if you still want to exchange e-mails, etc.

  4. My sweet Ruby, you have had MORE than your share of stressful events, especially in such a short period of time. You are a stronger woman than me, if I was in your shoes.

    How darned aggravating with the house issues! Just once, wouldn't you like to be able to turn the tables on these people who hold the future of your new home in their hands???

    Wish I could join you with a cup of tea, relax, laugh, and watch HGTV. I love that channel,and whenever I watch the home buying shows, I think of you.

    Still holding a good thought and praying your are in your Home Sweet Home soon!



  5. Liz. You sound as if you have lead such a life! Up's, downs and twists and turns! The great, good, bad and ugly has shaped you and made you the person you are today. I am guessing though you would like to forget some or perhaps much, you would not change it for it has shaped who you are today, and just from the kind words you leave for me here, it has shaped you into a wonderful person with an amazing soul, heart and tons of wisdom. You were very brave to share those words you wrote with me and I feel honored. They neither make me wish to run from you nor make me wish that I had not read them... quite the opposite. They made me admire the person behind them for coming out on the other side, even if that person is a bit patched together.. if you have ever ventured into the past posts from when this blog first began (under personal and motivational labels etc) you will see that I too am patched together and my stitching has a few loose threads and often I become unraveled. I tug at those threads and tighten up the stitches and knot them in place and move on and forward. It is what we women do. Thank you for blessing me with your laughter/humor and heart as well as sharing with me something that only time allowed you to do, and probably pulling a few of those few loose threads. <3

  6. Ruby, I sent you a Message via Facebook with email information. And thank you so much for your comments. And you are right..."I wouldn't take nothing for the journey now".

  7. Oh my gosh, Ruby, you deserve a vacay after all that stress!!!! I can feel it seeping through my computer, yikes!!!! ;) I have confidence all will be well ... so sit back, close your eyes, try to relax, drink more coffee, take deep breaths ... you're almost there! xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  8. Hi Ruby, I can tell you one thing Ruby....I can relate to stress when family gets together and I am the type that cannot hold my tongue. Last time our WHOLE family went out to dinner for a special occasion, that whole restaurant heard me when things started to go down hill. You certainly have had your share of stress, between your health, weddings, and buying this house...whew! I may have lost it by now and nobody would want to be around me. LOL I love the pic of your daughter and her new hubby. I do hope you hear some good news this week. It's got to be soon. I feel like I keep saying that, but it just has to be. It amazes me you still find the time to walk and window shop (you are amazing) I'd be crying in a corner. LOL I've said it before, but you truly inspire me.
    Dee xx


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