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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Pulling and Hair Raising

I wish I was posting this because I have a good or even great update with the journey to become a home owner again. I truly wish that was the case, but alas it is not. Today is the day on the contract that we were suppose to be closing, we actually thought we would close last week, that everything would go faster than it did. If there was anything to delay the process it happened. Each time a delay happened it was not a momentary blip it was something that pushed things another day or two, and throw in weekends when nothing happens and you have us ending up on the day according to the contract we are actually to close and I do not hold much hope for doing so. We actually thought we were close yesterday and we would indeed sign papers today, there was a brief moment of excitement and relief and then in one swift phone call that was taken from us, there was more information needed, this time something to do with insurance. Everyone acted quickly, but I guess it was not enough, because as of last night underwriting had not finished with our file. 

There is further complications. The owner has threatened that if we do not close today, he will pull out of the deal and even if the lender finally finishes and says they will fund the deal, we could loose the house. When we heard this news a few days ago, my stomach dropped and my heart rose to my throat and they have remained in such a way since that day. With today likely to be the day that finally the underwriter will approve the loan, well we hope, to have gone through everything and gotten to this point only to loose the house we have chosen to be our new "forever" home, is just sickening on every level... not to mention other feelings that I could list but I am sure you can imagine. To top that off, if you have been following, you know that we were to have to be out of the apartment come Sunday...obviously with no where to go. We managed to get a extension till Tuesday, but even if we did sign today, we have once again come to a weekend and ALL TOGETHER NOW ... NOTHING HAPPENS ON A WEEKEND!!! With nothing happening on Saturdays and Sundays, we come back to Monday, so what is the issue? Well even after it goes to the title company, they send information to the county to sign off on and then we get to sign, BUT THEN it goes BACK to the lender and they are the ones that have caused ALL the delays! Once they have it back, they take a couple days to look it over AGAIN and then they will finally fund, once they fund, THEN the house is ours.. not a moment before. So if you are doing your math, we are talking no earlier than mid to late next week! Way past Tuesday. 

So here is what I am dealing with today. Packing, and not being sure where we will end up. We could still get the house, but we might not. We will be homeless with nowhere to go and everything we own is in storage. Our cat will be staying with one of our daughters, and we will go to a hotel till we know what is going to happen with our lives. I will simply state this, I thought loosing our dream home about three years ago, was the worst thing I had ever lived through, but this is worse. Not knowing if you will have a roof over your head in mere days and not knowing where to go if you don't is the most frightening thing, past a major health scare/issue that I could ever consider. That has been my life this week with no real end in sight. YES! It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out!!!! 

Now on to the hair raising part. As you know October is right around the corner. My favorite month of the year. Leaves are changing, even if we are still having Summer like heat, Autumn colors are everywhere and on everything. Yummy goodness is in all the stores in the form of Pumpkin flavored everything and best of all it is the perfect time to chat about spooky things! Last October I concentrated on telling tales of the deaths and hauntings by famous stars and starletts of the 1920's and 1930's. Some of my most popular posts ever. I shared spooky facts and photos and spine tingling tales. I had a great time researching and posting these blogs! Since that time I have collected vintage images to share with you all both on my Facebook fan page and here. Pictures of course with a spooky or creepy twist. However with everything going on the way it has, well that is all I have... pictures. So I am coming to you, my readers for stories to fill in the blanks. 

HERE is what I want....

Ghost stories, either ones you have heard or your own personal experiences. Come on, you know at least one of you have a story that you tell or told at sleep overs, around the camp fire, or is your own personal life experience. Perhaps the town you live in has a building or location that is haunted and has stories attached, and you have heard the story time and time again and know it like the back of your hand. No matter how you have a story to share, I would love you to share it. You can reach me via email ( it is listed here on my profile) or you can follow my FB page and message me there with your story. If you do not wish your name to be attached... pick a pen name... but get those stories to me a.s.a.p


  1. Sometimes crappy situations are just that...crappy. Remember this though, in spite of the unsettled and scary nature of what you are experiencing this week, you reached out to me...and I'll bet others...and brighten my week. I'm still hoping and praying that your miracle has just been slightly delayed. I would tell you, "the darkest hour is just before dawn", but then the underwriter wouldn't be the only person you'd want to smack!

  2. Ruby, I guess if I have any advice it is to keep your chin up (do we ever really have a choice, after all?) because things truly will work out one way or another, whether it is with this house that you are so invested in at the moment or with doors opening for another. "Keep your chin up" is what my dad always told me to do ... and you know, in times of craziness I always think of that and it works. It's all about just putting one foot in front of the other and walking through this time. There are so many things that we don't know as to why things work out as they do ... all we can do is look at it as "if it is meant to be." Reminding ourselves of that helps too, for we really wouldn't want a house that isn't meant to be ... you never know, maybe another fabulous house is meant for you. All you can do is take it one day at a time and trust that everything will work out one way or another. And I have no doubt that one way or another, things will work out. So, sit down, have a cup of tea, take deep breaths and try to relax! Good luck with all of it, Ruby! xoxo

    SANDY M Illustration

  3. My heart go's out to you ! You have suffered long and hard to get this home~
    I'm so sorry your going thru this.
    Do you want me to put a curse on the underwriter? It can be done !
    Best Wishes, you deserive it !
    Sierra Sue

  4. Liz... Thanks my friend.. yes you are so very right. Lost out on another bid too.. so crappy on crappy! *sigh*

    Sierra Sue.. Yes.. his name is Mr.J. Follet LOL

    Sandy... I am doing my very best. Truly I am. Thank you. I know that you are right. Just not so always to do so all the time.


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