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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Semi Wordless Wicked Wednesday

If you have been a long time follower of my page, you know I believe in ghosts, have  had many encounters of my own over the years... and even lived in a haunted house. I shared photos last year around this time and have been sharing a few on my facebook fan page. Well it is time to share some spooktacular vintage photos with you today. Some I have used before and others are brand new. Enjoy! OH!! And can you guess which ones are suspected to be real.. meaning they have never been dis-proven?? *Hint look for ones I actually put text under. Are there any that make you think twice that they just might be real???

Post Script...
Here is the link to last
years post....

Of course if you look under the labels
and click on Just for Fun,
you can see all the October 2011 posts...
Promise they are ghoulishly fun! 

One of the most famous ghost pictures, circa 1936 is The Brown Lady Ghost. This is one photo that has never been proven to be faked!
Learn more HERE

Fanham Wood Mill 1929

Ghost Girl Matilda
Photo taken in  Oct. 2009 in
Prosperity Junction
at the National Cowboy Museum 


  1. Love the ghost post Ruby......I have encountered things that cannot be explained myself. I also have a neighbor who lives in a very old historic home and has shared many of her stories with me. I have been in her home for tea many times and find her home very interesting. LOL Don't know if I'd like to live in her home, but it's a nice place to visit.
    I enjoyed all your Halloween post last yr.
    Dee xx

  2. i have often wondered-- if there is a holy ghost, why can't there be regular ghosts as well?


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