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Monday, October 22, 2012

When Life Gets Stressful.. Eat Cookies

When last I posted a life post, seems forever ago, though truly just a week, I let you all in on the fact that a slammed door just may have been re-opened. I truly can not give you very many more new details since that statement, but will do best to bring you up to date. First off, let me show you the house we have been fighting for....

May not seem like much and it does need work,
but we loved the "bones". 

So now the few updates I have. We went with the sellers lending agent.. well let me back up, we applied with the seller's lending agent. That did not go so well. Because I had lived in the house that was in my husbands name, that because of job loss we had to sell as a short sale, our loan application was denied. Yes, you have it right, we are already pre-approved with another lender, one who first pre-approved us for too much (in their eyes), let it get all the way through underwriting and passing it on to the quality control officer who was to pass it to the title company, but in the 11th hour stated we were now going to only be approved for about 12 thousand less than they originally thought "re" looking at our daughters earnings... although nothing changed. Ok so now we have a lender that says no approval cause I lived in the house... guilt by marriage, as I did nothing to save the house ( um did they ask the circumstances?? NO!.. they did not care), so back to RE confirming with the old wonky lender on the dollar amount and to make sure we were still pre-approved with them.. we are. Well we knew that 12 thousand less was not going to fly with the owners. 

I mean how frustrating can 
it get???
*Shirley Temple.. the perfect pout!

With this kick in the gut news, though my husband who works with lenders each and every day, says this is not unusual,  "5 lenders, 5 different answers and amounts" he said, took it better. Anyway, we moved onto another lender, one we filed papers with the very same day to just to hedge our bets and that is where we are now. There is positive news, it would seem we are going to be pre-approved for a higher amount, but no guarantees what that amount is, until some last minute paperwork is received (hopefully that is happening as I write this) and it gets moved onto PRE-underwriting. We had told the lender the whole sad saga and we want to make sure the same thing does not happen before we move forward... it seems he was as baffled at what had happened and truly understands and will do what he can.  

Guess I can call off the hired 
guns (kidding!!)
*Annie Oakley with a gun Buffalo Bill gave her 1922

During all this past week since receiving the phone call, we have not heard a peep from the owners, so I am assuming that bizarrely, unlike the first time they are being patient. When we had contacted their agent to give an update, there was no return call, so we were sweating bullets for many days. On one hand no news can be good news, but when dealing with what we have, it is no less stressful. There is other stressful drama attached to this story, but at the moment I am not going to go over it... I may never share it.. rare I know, but it is for the best. I will tell you we are not out of the dark even if we do get approved for more. You see we had to pay to get out of our lease at the last apartment, we had to pay for a hotel and meals out, are paying for storage, paid our deposit to get into the current apartment, and if this goes through we will once again have to break a lease and pay to get out of it, that is basically double the rent with what would then be a mortgage payment looming as well. Originally we had offered to pay closing, but with appliances and a water treatment system, window shades (for privacy) and new windows to buy as well, and of course moving expenses, well it is going to be beyond tight to make this happen. So we are hoping and praying the original offer by the sellers agent to give up part or all her commission to see us in the home is still up for grabs... and well also that hubby gets a very good bonus/spiff just in time... otherwise even if we have a home, we may be living with an ice chest, going to the laundry mat and have sheets hanging on the windows! 

*Laurel and Hardy from Rouge Builders

So that is where things stand right now.. not a huge update, but at least it is progress of some sort. I am not getting my hopes up, and I expect more drama surrounding this whole thing (just a feeling, but for now even with drama and suspense I shall take it just on the chance it will happen. Course wish it had happened sooner as I have possible jury duty and as I have no regular doctor can not get a note to get out of it and trust me with all my issues, if I did I would.. it is not fun for me to endure sitting all day and not being able to keep to certain routines and the anxiety attacks it can cause... but add in all that is going on and well you might be peeling me off the ceiling.. and that is why I eat cookies.. not good for my hips and waistline, but soothes the soul just a bit at any rate. 

Cookie Time....

So I thought I would share a recipe I saw on Pinterest, and it is originally from .. it is not the most healthy, not by a long shot, but it was very simple and did not take any time at all to have a plate of warm cookies. The only drawbacks is I have a hard time stirring dough, and this was a doozy of a dough to stir, have a feeling the way my arms and shoulders ache right now I might have a rough time raising that next cookie to my mouth. *wink* So here we go...

First I shall share the photos and then the recipe will follow.

What you need. I choose
Spice Cake mix, but you
can use any flavor. I went full out
bad for you whipped topping,
but next time will try the fat free
to try to cut some calories.. these
babies are 125.5 calories each! 

So take note, this dough becomes
very sticky and gooey FAST, if I was
you, I would stick it in the fridge or even freezer
for a bit! I sprayed my hands with cooking
spray and still had goo all over me from
rolling the dough in balls. Of course
I was doing two cookie sheets and with the
oven on the dough warmed up fast. In
between batches that bowl went back in the fridge
for sure. 

Little "snow balls" of sticky, gooey,
cookie dough rolled in powdered sugar.
Notice they are not perfect, not
all the same size.. need to work on that,
I will admit, but they seemed to bake up fine.
OH and I sprayed the cookie sheets with
butter cooking spray... forgot to buy
parchment paper. And YES, I need new
cookie sheets *sigh*

So here they are, warm and crackled on top
and soft and chewy and ohh so tasty! 


    • 1 (18 1/4 ounce) boxes cake mix ( any flavor desired)
    • 1 (8 ounce) containers Cool Whip
    • 1 eggs


  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Form into balls.
  3. Roll in confectioners' sugar.
  4. Bake at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes.
  5. Cool in pan a few minutes before removing.


  1. OK, I'm on the roller coaster with you ! fingers and toes crossed !
    I totally agree, eat cookies!
    I've written down your yummy recipe-I use a white cake mix,1 egg, bit of oil,2 cup choc.chips & then try not to eat them all before husband comes home!! Extra cold milk,cookies,who needs dinner??
    Sierra Sue
    Twain Harte, Ca

  2. Thanks Sue! You are so right about the cookies *wink*

  3. Wow. What a roller coaster, indeed! I have only been reading about it and I need a cookie. Still wishing and hoping for the best possible outcome for you.


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