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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wicked Wednesday

Well here we are, it is finally All Hallow's Eve! It is nearly perfect here in my neck of the woods. The clear skies are gone and gray clouds and even a bit of howling wind has replaced the the sunshine and singing birds of yesterday. The threat of rain adds that chill to the air that makes it seem officially Autumn. As I sip my pumpkin tea, candles that sit in sparkly skeleton hands and black glass skulls cast eerie glows to the walls of my apartment and prepare me to settle in with a stack of spooky movies and ghost shows to set the tone for the night. To further that along, I have as my last offering to you, very eerie photos... ones that I have collected all month and hope they may aide you in some of your own ghost stories that you may be telling tonight. Hope you have a spooktacular evening! 


  1. Scary stuff! Just popping over to say Happy Halloween! :)

  2. I mentioned you and your blog in my most recent blog post: know I am a little late to check out Halloween blogs but oh well better late then never right? I enjoyed looking at your collection of spooky pics!


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