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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Because

Sometimes you just have to
get out of the four walls. 

As promised a bonus post. Sunday hubby insisted that we leave the four walls. I really did not wish to. Wanted to wallow a bit and watch HGTV all day, but I could see he needed to get out, so I got dressed and put my make up on and we headed out. We had no real plans as to what to do. We went and drove some areas we were thinking we might look for homes, actually drove by, and got out at one and peeked in the windows, not for us, but worth a look- see. Hunger pains calling, but all places too crowded on a Sunday at noonish, we popped into Denny's for a bite to eat and then headed off to IKEA... a place we often just mindlessly walk around when there is nothing else to do. After making the rounds, grabbing a few small things we "thought" we needed, we decided we would head to our favorite place to have a late day drink, the Delta King at their bar and watch the late day sun sparkle on the water to just decompress; turns out there was a lot of people with very small children with the same plan, so did not get to decompress so much. While there, wincing each time a child near by screamed and trying to enjoy our drinks, the siren of the near by bridge sounded the alarm that a large boat was on it's way towards us. Turns out we were there just in time to see the Hawaiian Chieftain come to dock! So eager for a photo op, I took a few snaps while hubby paid the bill and then we went for the short walk to the next ramp to get a better view. I did not wish to get close to the crowd that had gathered, so we stayed at our lofty vantage point and snapped a few more pics and then hubby took a few of me to share my new hair cut.... just because. 
* more info on The Hawaiian Chieftain ... here and here

The bridge rises to let the ship in to the dock area....

Backing in....

Lining up... 

Nearly there.... 
Sorry for the blur... have no idea what caused it.

 Warning (giggle).... Not very 1920's or 1930's in
style... that is hard to keep up on a daily basis,
but of course it is always in my heart. 
Hubby takes over the camera...


  1. Love the new hairdo. You wear it well; as you do the vintage styles. Wish I'd have known the ship was coming in. I love the photo ops.

  2. Your new hair is lovely! Very Jean Seberg.

  3. Thanks ladies for the comments and compliments .. means so much xx


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