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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Several Nights Before Christmas

 It was several nights before Christmas... well actually days. Hubby and myself had gone to see the little house on the busy corner, yes, the one that we put a bid on, and by some Christmas miracle, two cash deals fell out and we are in contract ; we did not know that at the time however. We were both stressed and worried our bid would once again be beat out and decided to take a side trip to Historic Sacramento to decompress from the past few months of house hunting and rejections. We strolled the wooden sidewalks to the carols of Christmas in the background, being played through speakers hidden in the green boughs of garlands that graced the buildings that lined the cobble stone streets. We enjoyed all the various decorated trees in front of shops, the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers and getting caught up in the spirit of holiday shopping, we even popped into a few shops and did some of our own. Tummies grumbling, we decided it was high time for a late lunch and for a bit of a twist we did not head over to the Delta Kings's bar and grill, instead we headed over to the Rio Cafe for a glass of wine and something to tie us over until dinner time.  Seated on the "outside" patio, protected by plastic windows , overlooking the river with the sparkle of the late day sun dancing on it's surface, we spoke of what if's and Christmas wishes.

Silver Man posed just long enough
for me to snap this picture. Being the season of
giving, I dropped my last 5.00 in among the
1.00 bills... did not see me, so the secret is safe.
SHHHH don't tell. 

The large Christmas tree delighted
young and old.

A glass of Cab, much needed to help ease the
stress knots. 

Yummy! Sourdough, olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
garlic, butter and gooey cheeses... not diet friendly, but
certainly worth the piece or two that I ate...pure comfort food! 

Just a few of the decorations that dotted the landscape around
Old Town Sacramento... as the sun began it's daily dip below
the horizon, the lights began to twinkle.
After a very satisfying late day "snack" , we were strolling around on our way back to our car, and over the loud speakers there arose with a a clatter ( not really but had to through that in) a big booming voice with a promise of tales of sugar plums and bright colorful lights to happen once the sun had fully departed. Hubby and I looked at each other and smiles crawled across our faces, a perfect excuse to stay out just a bit longer; further enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds of what the night had to offer.  There was plenty, believe me! So off we went to while away the time till the promised show began. 

First, time to get some fresh roasted nuts to nosh on....
Two please?!

Cashews and Pecans; candied , spiced and warmed to

Setting the mood!

All aboard?? No tickets? Well, exploring the station is
fun and free!

Children clad in robes, pjs and slippers wait eagerly with
their parents and some grandparents to board the train.

Sorry... all the tickets are sold out. 

Maybe next year!
After exploring the station, we still had a bit of time left till the light show, and decided it was perfect time for another glass of wine. So off the to the Twisted Vine/Fenton Harriet tasting room/wine bar and partake of some divine wine.  I can not think of any better way to make time pass. 

sorry for the blur... this is NOT my photo.. I did not
take one...this is from yelp. Promise next time I shall
take a few pics of this delightful tasting room.
Before too long it was indeed finally time to head over to the area that the Raley's Theater of Lights was to take place.  What was the theater of lights?? Well, as we were soon to find out, it was a light show to support the telling of The Night Before Christmas as told by Mark Twain... no of course not the real Mr.Twian, but a mighty likeness and re-enactor.  Raley's is a local grocery chain and they were the sponsor. All around us, excited children had joy filled faces as they awaited the show to start. As the time quickly approached the streets filled and when we heard the voice over the loud speaker, applause began.

This photo was grabbed off of the web, not taken by me. I took one from
the exact angle, but my camera settings were hard to see in the
dark and thus many of my photos did not turn out. Below are
the few that did.
The lights began to come on and break up the
A narrator with an Irish accent introduces Mr. Twain
in the shadows created by the light of a small

Mr. Twain begins his story.....

The lights start to dance across the buildings, snowflakes in
shades of blue start to form and swirl all over....

And just like that Santa was there.....

OH NO! The lights begin to fade...Santa's magic is
in need of a bit of help from the audience.....

Little by little the lights come back.....

Soon the tree from earlier that I shared with you
came to life.....

As did where Santa was standing and cheers rose up from the crowd , and
the beginning of the Christmas season was official underway, including for myself and my
dear sweet hubby.... cheer filled our hearts and weight lifted from our shoulders.... you just
have to love what Christmas can do.


  1. Ruby this looks like such a good time! So happy to hear you and your hubby had a lovely day. You needed that kind of day. Great pics. Maybe there's a Christmas miracle in your path.
    Dee xoxo

  2. It was lovely to read your story and see the pictures ~ I needed a little "sparkle" ~
    Thank you Ruby!
    : )

  3. Glad you both enjoyed! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


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