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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nesting :Christmas Edition

Many of you may have wondered what happened to me.... at least those of you who only follow here and are not on my facebook fan page. No I did not drop off the face of the planet ; the end of the world did not come sooner for me, I promise! I simply could not concentrate. This whole last week and a half or so since I last did a post was filled with anxiety, worry, stress, hurry up and wait situations and massive frustration... with it being the holidays I did not wish to write and have that come through. I know, I have in recent posts, but again, I did say "it being the holidays" . So finally, here I sit with a cup of hot vanilla bean tea, my cat snoring on her half of the bed and a bit of down time before the hubby comes home to catch you up. So what is the update you might be asking ? Well, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!! 

We sign papers to make the house ours  tomorrow (12-19-2012) at 10:00 a.m. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! We finally will have a house. Now we will not have the keys yet, though we could come Friday, but officially it will be ours once we sign on the so called dotted line. We can all finally sigh a collective breathe of relief!  I do plan to write a blog about all that happened from the last post till this one, but again cause of the holidays and wanting to do only a light and fluffy post, I shall wait I think till after Christmas.... and no worries I shall share photos and tell you of my 2013 plans for the blog as well; you know me always switching it up. So now onto the title...... 

Nesting: Christmas Edition 

I have actually been meaning to do this post for a couple of weeks , but as I said my mind was elsewhere.  This is actually a post for my Mom who lives in Texas. She loves Christmas and well she also keeps quizzing me on my latest decor and what style I want in my house etc, and this is the easiest way to show her photos. However, I thought you might just enjoy seeing them as well. So here we go....

It started with a squirrel. I love squirrels and
the colors and rustic quality inspired my tree. 

Then there is Santa and his elf. I have
owned him for many years now and
he will always be a part of
my holiday decor. 

Here is our little tree. The bulk of the ornaments
are gold and silver pine cones, rust colored bells
and the white poinsettias. I plan to add more nests,
and little vintage looking birds to the tree as time
goes on. I loved that I also found a deer to match
my squirrel.  

I just love our little owl tree topper. Hubby loves that it
is not over-sized for the tree. 

I adore quail as well, love watching them scurry about , so
when I saw this wee ornament, I had to have it. 

Bird nests supposedly bring good luck, so I of course
had to have it as well. 

Part of my new decor theme of Rustic Lux
is to pair shiny/sparkly with natural materials.
I saw something similar on Pinterest and
just had to copy. Next year I will add more
colors and ornaments to the mix.

Sometimes it is the small touches...
A 2.00 ornament from Wal Mart
is perfect for under the lamp. 

I seasonally change the contents in this candle holder,
for Fall I had Autumn leaves and acorns, now it is
greenery, nuts, and brass jingle bells. 

Our little living room set up. When we move, we will be adding a couch
for more seating. 

The other side,  my answer to costly arm chairs, dining
room chairs from Cost Plus/World Market. 

Not Christmas, but wanted to share
with my Mom, my burlap pictures. There
is one more to purchase at Cost Plus/World Market...
hoping after holidays I can go get it . I adore nature
and so want to surround myself with it at all times.

Yes, butterflies have seemingly become a theme and
I just loved this saying. 

This Nativity scene sits on my D.R. table, when the
tragic shooting occurred this past Friday, I kept the
candles lit all day and into the night and said more than
one prayer.  I grew up with this little Nativity set, and
am amazed it has survived all the moves. I love it tho
and hope one day my grandchildren can inherit it. 

Our new D.R. table, supposedly
as seen in Country Living Magazine.
Plans are to buy 4 more parson chairs ,
but for now it is just hubby and myself so no need.

I love this key... have a thing for keys,
have no idea why, but soon plan a new tattoo that is
in the shape of a key and has the word faith on it, so perhaps that is why.
Anyway, this is hung above where we put the keys.  Hubby
thought that was punny... it was his idea.

Lastly, our little bar area.  Just love the
chicken wire basket, in the Fall I filled with
Indian corn and sparkly pumpkins, I am sure
for Summer it will get large sea shells , and right now ,
though not pictured, it holds pine cones. 

So there you have it, how I nested for Christmas in our apartment and then some.  Hopefully next time I post, I shall have keys in hand to our house and we can start on a new journey together... I hear a pink tool belt is in my future! 


  1. I love your cute little nest tree! I have a thing for old keys too however with you there seems to be a significance to receiving keys to unlock the door to the place you call home maybe?

  2. Love your tree, the cute little owl and rustic sparkles. Fun reading and tour ~ I'm looking forward to future posts about your Home~Sweet~Home!

  3. Hi Ruby, I am so happy for you Ruby! Your a lovely person and have worked so hard at finding a home, it's a joy to hear your good news. And what perfect timing for you and your hubby to hear this wonderful news right before Christmas. I am looking forward to hearing all about your new home. I love your little tree and that deer is adorable. Congrats to you my friend.
    Dee xoxo

  4. Thank you ladies! Yes, look for many changes in the blog content with the onset of the new year.

  5. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, YOU FINALLY GOT YOUR HOME !
    The birds here in Twain Harte are singing a very happy tune !!
    I have thought of you so often these last few weeks, but our computer had to go to the hospital so I missed a lot, that's ok, you have a home and we, who care about you, cannot wait to see what wonderful things you'll do.
    Blessings, Sierra Sue

  6. Sierra Sue... Have missed you! Glad it was the computer that was not well! Thank you so very much! OH!! get the keys at 1 p.m. 12/21 ( tomorrow as I write this!!) Be assured I have many plans and will document each and every one of them ... even thinking of adding a few vlogs (video blogs) to the posts in the new year. It is time to get back to life and not be all consumed by stress! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xx

  7. I knew it. I told you so. And, the world didn't end! So happy for you, I can barely breathe. Very much looking forward to your posts, now, and all that happens in the coming year. Told you so... hee hee hee.


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