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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review

I'll drink to that! 

What a year 2012 has been. In many ways it seems to have been a VERY long year, and in so many other ways it zipped by at lightening speed.  It was a year of a lot of ups, and many downs and often it we felt we were lucky when we could embrace the status staying the same and we could just "be". The year held preparations for not just one wedding, but two! Our youngest who had moved out, moved back in, then moved out and recently moved back in and will again move out this weekend!  It was the beginning of the journey to become home owners again, saving every penny and trying to figure out how to find a loop hole that would allow us to make it happen with having sold our home via short sale just a couple of years prior. It brought living in two different apartments, a hotel room for a few days and loosing a home in the 11th hour and finally as of December 22nd, getting the keys to the house we now are calling home. Is your head spinning yet? Mine is!  So from my own personal perspective, I am VERY glad it is over! It has been exhausting to say the very least. My whole family is looking forward to 2013 and starting new journeys.

So with all that being said, what do I see 2013 bringing to our lives and this blog in the new year? That truly has yet be written, but I can guess it will be changing constantly. Of course with being home owners again, it will involve loads of remodeling, landscaping and adjusting to our new city/area... I have yet to venture out  to even find where we will be doing grocery shopping and other basic shopping..... I know only a couple fast food places, and how to get to my husband's work which is less than two miles away and how to find the freeway to make it back to where we were living  and then back here again. As time marches on, I will share with you my adventures in settling in, as well as before, during and after's of all the projects that go on in our new to us cottage. 

Sneak Peek! Minus the porch swing...owners took that.

I know that I need to get my health back in order and my weight gain back under control, so I am sure that there will be posts about that journey as well.. one that has so many uphill battles involved given the new location, my current health and of course age. With having so much behind us, I am hoping to be in the mood to cook and bake again, so perhaps a few recipes will begin to show up here again. I am sure on the same note that perhaps a few fashion posts will also be shared... well when my clothing starts to fit again! 

I am hoping that we will find days to take a break from the house as well and go on daycations again and so of course will be sharing those as any happen.... hubby and I really want to seek out new places to visit, new wineries to try, perhaps find a cave or two to explore  and just beautiful visuals to soak in. So basically back to business as usual here at Ruby's Musings; a little bit of everything and then some for every persons tastes. Of course there will be a few surprises as well, I have a few things up my sleeve that I want to do here to keep things hopping.  As always, when fitting I shall use vintage photos to support my writings, and you can always find a plethora of such images over on the facebook fan page, which is growing by leaps and bounds; am hoping it will carry over to here as far as number of people following as it helps to raise up where you find me on google search, drawing more readers in. Because even though I write for me first, all of my readers loyal and new alike are important to me. 

So as this day and this year comes to a close, know that I am very excited for the new year and journey ahead and getting to share it with you! 


  1. Whew, sounds like you had a very full year. Im new to your blog and am enjoying it very much. I have one too if you'd like to come check it out as well.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  2. Your has been anything but boring and I hope sharing it with those of us who care about you has helped.
    My 91 yr old mother moved in with us in Oct. AND on Dec. 23 our oldest some bounced back into
    our Twain Harte home.
    Since your daughter is going out the door again, can I come in??? LOL !!
    Bless you and yours in this new year !
    Sierra Sue

  3. Happy New Year Sierra Sue! Sounds like our tight quarters... daughter is sleeping on DR floor! Not sure you would enjoy that..... but you are always welcome for a visit!


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