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Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Laid Plans ....

I always try to make lemons
that are handed to me into

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, 
Gang aft agley, 
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, 
For promis'd joy! 
(The best laid schemes of Mice and Men
oft go awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!)"
Robert Burns, To a Mouse (Poem, November, 1785)

This week has been a true example of this. I had so many plans. Plans to get my nails done, put off still due to waiting for a package, that is long over due to arrive. Plans to see my hubby be much further along with our latest project, and above most plans to start walking again and start doing my exercise DVDs that I ordered. None of my plans happened. Let me back up.

Life at the cottage on the busy corner started as always last Saturday, the skies were a bit hazy, but the temps were warm for this time of year. I had gotten some sleep, and had a bit of energy, a rare thing lately with my soaring anemia issue, and a sinus issue, including an ear ache, jaw ache and finally migraine that would not relent, I decided to leave the four walls and go shopping for a few goodies for the cottage. I had been inspired by our new entrance way tile to take the decor a bit more to the shabby cottage look, and wanted to add just a few touches leaning in that direction. 


Taking away the mercury glass candle stands, putting in
the cute bird bath pillar stand, replacing the mercury
glass lamp ( but keeping the cute shade) with a shabby,
wooden candlestick lamp ( finial will be replaced soon) .
I explored places like Word Market (where I got the lamp base), Joanns Fabric, Hancock Fabric ( found the cute bird bath pillar holder there), stopping at the book store and poured over books about cottage decor, and even walked around Target, bringing home a new welcome mat, some tasty jam for my morning toast, and a few things that we forgot to pick up at the grocery store that could not wait for this past Thursday's trip.  I was quite pleased with all my goodies, and once home put them in place, and did some light cleaning, before settling in with a cup of tea. 

A new tea cup in blue with a yellow rim, was a perfect
cheer up for the day.... as you can see I have used it a lot in the
last few, it is filled with Wild Berry Zinger.

Sunday started out fine, I got up, and got dressed, our middle daughter was coming over for a visit, and hubby, after he was done at work ( he had to go in for an appointment) , he would continue work on the fireplace.  I was feeling alright, second day in a row, so was looking forward to the day. The day went as planned, until late afternoon, suddenly I was using the restroom far more often than normal, and believe me that is saying something ( TMI ALERT... I have over active bladder) , but brushing it aside as there was no discomfort, yet, I went with hubby to Lowes ( a 40 minute round trip driving wise) to pick up more tile and some wood for a tweak we were adding to our fireplace project. Once there, I had that urge again, and well this time it was not fun.... but still I was not sure of the impending doom... once home, I was positive.  I had a UTI and for me, they go fast to a very bad place. I had hubby call the clinic, fireplace work, and dinner would need to be put on hold. Thank God the clinic was willing to stay open for us, and we rushed over for the already expected diagnosis. After a run to Walgreens to drop off the prescriptions ( hubby would have to drive back over 2 hours later at 10 p.m., and still have to wait an hour before making the 2 mile drive home with the meds in hand) we came home, I showered and got into pjs and hubby made me some supper as we watched tv and I sat with the heating pad. VERY upset at the money going out that was so unexpected ( with no insurance it is costly to go in for even a quick appointment), and that work on the fireplace was put off, as I truly wanted to share it with you on the blog. 

Well, the last few days has been spent on the couch, in my pjs , blanket, pillow and a hot cup of decaf tea, cranberry juice or big glass of water... I was told to make myself float to flush the infection. I napped, and used the restroom and that was pretty much it until yesterday. Grocery day was once again at hand. Tired of the four walls and believe it or not even my pjs, I decided to go with. Make the best of it. First stop was my favorite market Trader Joes. I wish we could afford to do all our shopping there and nowhere else, it would be quite the pleasurable trip. Sadly we can not, and we run to several stores such as a local one Save Mart for the great sale items and a really tasty ground pork sausage, Dollar Tree for paper goods and a few snacks, and Walmart for the remaining few items, such as the cat litter and food that we need for our cat Queen Bitty ( the litter is a store brand and best value for amount).... my least favorite place to go. Though the cart escalator to go to the second story is kind of nifty. 
This is what greets you right inside the doors...
The French Tulips are glorious...... I
may have to go back for those daisies tho.
I did  pick up a box of "cuties" to knosh on ....

and these lovely hydrangea stems now sit on
my kitchen counter. 
Once home hubby helped put everything away, and I collapsed on the couch, I over did it, even though all I did was walk around. Kind of scary to me , as just a few months ago I could walk for miles, clean house all day, cook dinner and shop till you drop with the best of them, even with my fibromyalgia. Ok yes, it could and would be painful and exhausting to act like a normal person, a healthy person, but I could do it, now I was on the same level as an invalid. Anyway, as I relaxed and watched HGTV, hubby began to work on the fireplace project.... and what a project it is. I have a feeling with all we want to do to it and the time it will take in between life, chores it will be at least the end of March before I can share the final results.. if not April... but hopefully it will be worth it. Till then I will leak bits and pieces to stay tuned. Till then...

Update and Sneak Peek 
First the update...
Ok, so remember this, it is the entrance...
Remember I mentioned the grout color was too light
(look at center grout line that is pale gray, not the dark lines,
as those are actually faux grout lines!) See it??
Well it bugged me. 

Now look, all the lines are dark! I bought a black paint pen,
hubby painted the real grout lines, and then,
he used a grout cleaning tool to scratch off some of the paint, and the
result, the perfect color match!! OH, and what a difference it
makes on the color of the tile of when you take the photo, the above photo is
taken during the day, the top one at night. 
Sneak Peek ....

Where hubby left off last night.  One day the TV will not
be on the current media stand, sitting off to the side, but mounted above the mantle. 
To be continued. 

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