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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fireplace ~ Stage One ....

Guess what? Hubby finished stage one of the fireplace, so here I am, three days later with what the fire place looks like so far.  Of course the project is a long way from being finished, there is still sanding, adding on appliques, mounting the television, hiding the wires, well the list goes on and on till it will be 100% done, but I wanted to share where we are so far.... What do you think?? 

What it looked like when we moved in.
The project begins...  how the heck does the darn
ugly glass and brass metal doors come off???
Yeah! The doors are off.... was not as hard as we thought! Just dirty!
Hubby multi tasking, taking a call from work. No he never really
has a day off. As you can see he is ADD too, he did not stop at tile,
he began taking off trim, and scraping paint. 

What was left when he was done....

Time to clean up. 
All "clean"  and ready to move to the next step. 
Framing it all in... yes, I noticed the one board off kilter,
and told hubby... he was not appreciative of the comment.

Insulation attached... no more drafts! 

Time to start figuring out the tile layout and begin the million and one cuts. 

Ok, so you may wonder why we closed the firebox in?! Well, the fact is where we live there is not a lot 
of burn days, and wood is pricey to buy, electric fire box maybe? was too hard to figure out how to wire from inside. Gas convert? Oh would have loved that, but for how many years would I live with the big, black, drafty opening?? So we decided to close it.  Hubby framed it in, and if we needed or wanted to, we  could later on remove it... but it is not likely. Instead I shall be using various decorative displays through the year....easier to keep clean too! Anyway, moving on....
The tile cut, and ready to "stick" to things.

The big finish... 
(well to stage one) 

Tile all up, and grouted, ready for us  hubby, to move on to the next step,
prepping for the tv to be mounted, wires hidden and a place for the
needed tv "boxes". 

Till next time.....


  1. Hi Ruby, Hey that was a great idea with the fireplace! Looks great. You will still love the fireplace for decorating, especially at Christmas.
    Hope your feeling ok.
    Dee x0x0

  2. Its good to keep warm. I live in an old house that had no fireplace so I bought an electric one and I love love love it. Keeps the room toasty too.

  3. Thanks RetroGran xx
    Susan ... oh yes it is good to keep warm. Sadly as much as I love a wood burning fireplace, there are few burn days and the wood is pricey.. but we may get a little electric free standing fireplace for the winter to set in front of the closed up opening. In the in between closing it up has increased how warm the room stays already!

  4. The place has changed very much from the first stage.You have done a good work.Keep it up.Fire places Sydney

  5. Thank you Fireplaces Sydney .... we have completed the project on this fireplace.. it is featured in a later post.. let me know if you want to see it and I can find the link for you.


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