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Monday, March 4, 2013

Beauty and Light Among the Darkness

(Gypsy Rose Lee)

Last Tuesday, I finally ventured to the park down the street. I had begun to feel better, after battling my anemia, a fibro flair and a UTI that hit me all at once, I finally had energy to leave the four walls. It was a bright, sunny and though I would not go so far to say it was warm , as there was a cold breeze blowing that day, when bundled up , it was comfortable.  I was excited to stroll among the trees, and escape the noise that surrounds us on the busy corner we live on... amazing how even though the park also borders the same busy streets/area , it seems a world away.  I made the short drive to the park, found an empty spot, and armed with my camera, took a stroll.  I was just about to make round two on the trail and perhaps sit a while and just soak in the son when I heard my phone ring. I dug it out of my bag, and saw it was my middle daughter, I was baffled, she was supposed to be at work at her new job, her official full day out of training. 

I answered and only heard sobs on the other side and a request that I come to her home right away. Her life had been on a real roller coaster the last month, and I so many things ran through my head as to what was going on, but the questions had to wait, I hung up and made the drive, as fast as I could, without breaking too many speed laws and or getting a ticket. I pulled up outside her home, located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, and rang the door bell. What I was greeted with was to rob the day of any beauty I had just been among and replace it with pure darkness and sorrow. My daughter's husband of under a year, took his own life. There with my daughter sobbing on my shoulder, the local Sheriff and the Sheriff Departments Pastor was there standing behind her.... the world turned upside down that day. I shall out of respect for my daughter, our family, her husbands family and friends not say anything further, nothing said will bring a life lost too young back.  Instead, upon my daughter's lead , we will turn the ugly into beauty ... find and or produce beauty and light among the darkness that currently hovers over all parties concerned.  One thing that does that for me is nature. 

When all the family and friends were gathered and yet did not know yet what to do or say, I shared what my morning had been like and shared a few of the photos I had taken, a moment in time when all worries, woes and pain had slipped away, if only for a short period of time. So I thought as this new week begins, and we all try to gain perspective about what happened, piece our lives and feelings back together, and hopefully start the healing process, I would share the photos that I took that day.  I hope you enjoy them... and if by chance you are having a dark day, they add a little beauty and light to it. 

Hard to believe just a few yards away the busy road we live on,
not 2 miles away sits our cottage on the busy corner. 

A moment of peace. I could gaze upon this all day. 

Spring is trying to cover the earth with brighten and
beautify the brown grasses of Winter. 

Lazily drifting down the creek.

Peaceful waters....

More of Spring popping out among the still dormant branches that surround it. 

Nap time for some....

Fishing time for others...

... conversations of what to do next....

play time for others. 

Stopping to say hello.....

Lost in thought.

Taking time to soak up the sun. 

May you all always find beauty and light during the dark times. 


  1. Hopefully these beautiful spaces bring you and your family comfort in the time ahead. My thoughts go out to you.

  2. Oh no, oh no, oh no! Oh goodness, I am so saddened for you and your family. I hope you can feel a big hug from far away. Blessings, Lorraine

  3. Ruby my heart goes out to you and your family. Your pics are so peaceful, what a lovely spot to go to and collect your thoughts and maybe find a little peace in this very confusing world we live in. I'm so very sorry you and your family have had this awful tragedy happen. God be with you and I continue to pray for you and your family.
    Dee xoxo

  4. I'm so sorry, Ruby. Please let your daughter know my prayers and thoughts are with her. You do have peace within the turmoil at that lovely little park. Love the creek scene. I, too, am getting inordinate spam from Anonymous and think I'll follow your idea.


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