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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everything is Coming Up Roses~ Part Two

Come Join me for a stroll in the rose garden....
*Docent at Historic Cemetery Rose Garden 

Good afternoon! Another beautiful day here in Sacramento, and I can not help recall, as I tended my own garden in the bright morning sunshine, the morning I spent in the Sacramento Historic Cemetery Rose Garden.  The cemetery dates back to the Gold Rush, and that in itself has draw to me, I as I adore cemeteries, especially old ones. I love strolling along and reading the markers and imagining the life of the person that was laid to rest there , snapping pics of the statuary and just enjoying the peace and quiet. The Sacramento Historic Cemetery Rose Garden is the home to over 500 rose bushes. They cover markers, walls, arches, and even clamber up trees. The scent that wafts through the air as the late Spring heat warms up the blooms, is truly intoxicating and can not even be imagined. Many of the roses that reside in the gardens no longer exist in their original locations, everything from other old cemeteries to old homesteads, but they flourish here, surrounded by many other beautiful flora's planted throughout the grounds.... thankfully so, because of the dedicated caregivers who volunteer many hours to tend them, such as the lovely lady pictured above. Yesterday, I shared the photos that my oldest daughter, Chanda, took. Today I share part of the photos that I took, and I shall share the remaining photos tomorrow. If you would like to see the photos Chanda took, click HERE

The Visit Through My Eyes
part one

Till tomorrow... may you bloom where you are planted! 

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