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Monday, April 22, 2013

Everything is Coming Up Roses...Part One

My lovely Oldest daughter Chanda. Here she is being kind enough to
hold my purse as well as her own, so I
could snap off pics and not have to fuss with my purse)  

On Saturday, my oldest daughter Chanda and myself went to the Sacramento Historical Cemetery where there is a huge antique rose garden, as well as other scattered gardens of all varieties of flowers. They were having the yearly sale of antique roses, and were also running tours of the gardens. The weather was beautiful for it, and we were excited for the day. We went for breakfast, and then found our way down to the cemetery and got in line... it was always at least 60 people deep by the time we got there, but I still managed to get three lovely roses.... not the one I wanted, but maybe next year. Chanda, was kind enough to take photos of all the beautiful roses, flowers and even a few of me while I took photos as well.  Together, we have a plethora of lovely images that I want to share with you.  My plan is over the next few days to share these images, and on Friday, I shall share what I did with my three new ladies for my garden. I hope you enjoy. 

She captured me, enjoying the moment.

Taking time to relax and reflect on
all that has been going on in our family recently.

One of the docents, and a  care giver to
the roses,  tending her plot.
We loved how she was in the
clothing based on the fact that the
cemetery is dated back to the 1800's

Enjoying the sun and the moment...
even if it does not look like it

We startled this little one..  but it was soo cute!


Caught in the act...

Stopping to small the roses....

Lordy that smells good!!

Peace filled
 Till tomorrow...


  1. Hi Ruby, What lovely pictures!Flowers always make me happy. I just loved that picture of the woman dressed up in that beautiful dress. I also read that letter from one of your neighbors.....that was so very nice of them. Looks like your going to be very happy there. So happy for you. xoxo

  2. What a lovely day! Nothing smells as good as an old fashioned damask rose! I had three in front of the house and have lost two but the one that remains smells JUST heavenly!

  3. Love the roses and other blooms. Chandra took great photos of you. Interesting how peaceful a cemetery can be even though so much sorrow has been experienced there.

  4. Thank you ladies. I shall tell Chanda how much you enjoyed the photos... look for part two it is on it's way!


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