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Monday, April 1, 2013

New Beginnings, Therapy and Celebration

Unexpected beginnings can pop up at any time

The last month within our family has been one of roller coaster rides for our emotions. Saturday saw the turning point, we hope, when we had the memorial for our son in law that passed on just over a month ago. I am not sure it brought closure with it, but it was a sign that it was time for the living to move forward and start new beginnings. What happened in our family due to the death was that many unexpected new beginnings have popped up, rather like the seed that fell from the bird feeder on our porch, and slowly found it's way to the soil and now has begun to sprout a little sunflower plant, ideas of how to move on, and move forward were planted the day that the tragedy took place. The idea started small, just a bunch of what if's and as of a few days ago, became a lot of what could be's and what must be's and let's see if's . No matter the outcome, it will all be a growing experience. 

I am sure with the new beginnings, a few
issues will pop up... just like this new rose bud in
my garden ... aphids popped up and have to be dealt with. 

Sunday started out with a mission. First mission get coffee and my Sunday bagel... something of a new tradition it would seem. Second mission, go to the hardware store.... also a new tradition for Sunday mornings. The list goes on and on, but the main mission was to clear out the garage in preparations  we hope, for the beginnings of an apartment for our daughter to start her new life in. Some people have expressed that it is not a new beginning,but going backyards, for her to come home to Mom and Dad and be within ( or close to) the family home again, but that is what my husband and I do,  we keep the door open for anyone of our children that needs or wants to come back.... our daughter feels the need and wants to come back. Now I will be truthful, I thought we were 100% back to being empty nesters, and this time for good, and I thought we were going to be able to be selfish and concentrate on ourselves and our Muse Cottage, starting our own new beginnings. However, God has a funny way of pushing us down a path, taking us on a journey that we may not see ahead of time coming, and may feel torn about following. As I have learned to understand, expect and often times learned to embrace, HE has his own plans and it is best not to fight them. So, we open our home, well part of it, and our hearts to what is the current path. We will do everything in our power to do what is best for our daughter, and if this is what is meant to do that, the path will unfold for us and we will take it and make it work. 
Given the right care, nurturing, and putting in the
hard work that is needed, beautiful things can bloom
from just about any situation. 

So after finally getting back home from not one hardware store, but two, hubby got onto the very first step that was to determine if we were to move forward. Dig a hole. How does a hole determine if we should or could move forward? Well according to the contractor that we plan to work with, if we were to be able to, we had to make sure the sewer line was far enough down, and at the right angle to work for converting our garage, providing a small bathroom and kitchenette for our daughters future living space. So work clothing on, and shovel in hand hubby began to dig.

Success, two feet down there was the pipe
we needed to find, and see if it was the right size and
the right depth in the ground. 
After hubby dug down and found out that it was positive news, it was time to start clearing out the garage of all his tools, and my gardening tools and set up his work shop, transfer where we store things and map out a plan for where my future potting shed will go as well. Eventually both the daughter that the apartment will be for, and our youngest arrived and were "eager" to help accomplish the task. The daughter that the apartment is going to be for was also eager to get some much needed therapy and the way she was going to do that was to destroy a few things... always a great way to release what is troubling you, don't you think?? 

First step was start taking shelves down and as
Mama always taught them, clean up as you go. 

Beginning on the work towards her new beginnings,
our middle daughter does her part .....

Now the therapy starts.......

The youngest wants into the act too.... hey therapy never hurt anyone...
as long as you wear safety goggles and gloves *giggle*

Dad stands back and let's his daughters go to town on the dry wall.
A short time later, and the garage was all cleared, and swept and there was little else to do for the time being, so we all came in and got cleaned up and started preparations for the evening.... not only was it Easter, but as it so happens, it was our oldest daughter's 26th birthday and we were to have her and her husband over for to celebrate both with supper, to be followed by cake and as it turned out plenty of laughter... something that was very needed and enjoyed. 

We all sang Happy Birthday, but would not let her
blow out the candles until we all got our photos taken.
This sent her into giggles as we kept telling her she had to wait. 

Finally.... Make a wish time.....

Dual purpose... Easter and a Birthday.... Hey what happened to the candles....

Ah... that explains it. 

Here's to planting the seeds to 
new beginnings.....

....and seeing what grows from them. 


  1. Such a wonderful post, beautiful pictures and uplifting messages ~ thank you Ruby <3

  2. A very touching update!!! I am sue you would like all your daughters together with lighter hearts but were all together and that is fantastic.
    Look forward to the updates *hugs* :)

  3. Beautiful, uplifting post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you ladies.. means a lot to see comments <3 and to have your support!

  5. Hi Ruby, this post was so touching....what a great family you guys are. Your family working all together like that is great therapy. I would also be doing whatever it took to keep my daughter close if that's what she wanted. I think your doing the right thing. I soooooo admire the way you have handled this. As I've said many times before are a true inspiration. xoxo


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