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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

After the Rain...

My neighborhood has many avid gardeners, which brings me great  pleasure!

A while back, I shared with you my stroll through my new to me neighborhood (click here to revisit) . The flowers were just starting to bloom, now with the rains we have been getting each week, followed by warm sunny days, those lovely blooms have I thought I would share a photographic update. 

This lovely tea tree/bush borders our yard... so
lucky me can see it from our front porch!

Snow white blooms glow under the mid day sun.

Lavender is on my list of desires for our cottage garden

Lantana creates little posies ....

Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me...

The clouds moved over the sun, creating quite the dramatic coloring.

Lady Banks roses... white and yellow... both are on my wish list!

Yet, more Lavender... seems abundant in the yards around here,
soon , well hopefully it will be abundant in mine as well. 

Sweet smelling Privets 

Amazing Azaleas ... I think .....

Dreaming of Daisy chains 

This pot of "apricot" flowers was next to my table where I sit and
drink my coffee at a local bagel shop

Cute little faces tucked in a planter by the cross walk outside a shopping center

Natures opposites combined to create a beautiful scene ...

Red, white and

I would love to have Wisteria, and did once at our former cottage we
lived in, but it does tend to take over!

Tulips in the forefront, nearly at their end, and Azaleas
taking over the blooming action to keep this yard in
on going bursts of color. 

Roses are just starting to bloom here....and I know before too long,
I shall be able to share all the neighborhood rose bushes with you,
when the heat of the Summer make all other blooms fade. 


  1. I love your walk and show of flowers. I did the very same thing not long ago. So it looks like you are of the same belief, have camera will snap pictures. :)))

  2. How beautiful! I can't wait for the blooms to start here. I have a few crocus blooming but thats it for my yard. Hurry up spring!!!

  3. So glad you ladies enjoyed the post :)


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