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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every Little Step Counts

Permission to move forward 

When last I posted about the progress of the garage conversion for our middle daughter, I shared with you the destruction of what was our garage and storage room. (* see all back posts HERE) . We had high hopes that by this point in time, almost a month into it we would be nearly finished, but with expected and quite a few unexpected delays that is not the case. Perhaps more like a little more than half way done. Each day we start with high hopes of what is /was promised to be accomplished and each day we end with a readjustment of reality. I guess that is just the way that it goes in construction. Many of you have been asking for updates none the less, so I have snapped photos along the way and will share them now. Hopefully the next time I post about the progress it will be dramatic! Of course we are looking forward to the day it is done and the fun part, the decorating can begin! 

The Plans! 

Bare bones in the beginning....

No more garage door or storage wall! Even some of the
fence had to be removed...for now. 

Unexpected delays and costs always arrive...
when walls were removed, rotted away boards were found.

The plumber begins marking out where the future
plumbing for the bath and kitchenette will go.

A new window... well the beginnings. 

Matt and Mitch of Mac's Remodeling 
working hard, side by side....
The new door to the bedroom gets enlarged,
helping to make a nice and open floor plan.

sneeking a peek through the window of the plumbing

Another actually will be
bigger than this, letting lots of natural light
into the soon to be apartment.

Remember the marks the plumber was making?
Soon the old window opening will be gone
and that will be the wall of the shower!

Work continues... does not look like much does it?

Soon there will be a back door here. Half glass to let more
light in. OH and a new sidewalk to the side too!

Not much left of the shed is there??
RE supporting the sheds ceiling... there will still be a dip,
can not be helped, but it is strong none the less. 

Hubby chips in to remove remainder of rotting siding. 

Ditch dug, some of the plumbing for
sewer in ...even part of my new sidewalk
had to be removed, but it will be replaced. 

To save buying new concrete, the piece will just be flipped
back into place. 

Hard at work!

The junk pile grows

Sewer connection done! 

Walls closed in now, and spaces for
new windows( the rectangles) , high enough for privacy .

Bedroom wall, nearly like a real room!

Some clean up to make way for new
concrete path.

Youngest chips in to remove old stucco from around
windows, both the new one, and the old one to be
covered over. 

The hammer was not doing it, so time to buy a new tool....

...and a well deserved pop cycle break. 

Dad shows how it is done...

Back to work.

That is until the future resident of the apartment
arrives and then she takes over while youngest
practices her knife throwing in the distance.

She loves that tool! 

End of the work day.
The work continues.. apparently we did not
knock enough out. 
Not nearly enough. Alex the stucco man
ended up knocking out nearly all the old
stucco, the 70 plus year old paper under the
old stucco was rotten.
Wall facing street now ready for windows
and then new stucco. Chicken
wire just has to be signed off on. 
Mitch puts in the new side window
facing the patio with Matt's help.
Remember the big hole and the pile of dirt
and rubble?? Now the bathroom is
ready for framing!
And that is what happened next!

There is even an A.C. Now!!

So that is where we are to this point. I hear loads of sawing and hammering out back and I saw electrical wires being pulled through where they needed to be, and as far as I know plumbing will be finished tomorrow and the inspector is due out again on Friday. It is not where we expected to be at this point, even as of yesterday we had high hopes that the insulation and the "scratch" coat for the stucco would be done this week... maybe even the electrical signed off on and the last window in place, but regardless, we can see things getting done and moving forward and as the title says .....every little step counts doesn't it?


  1. It's coming along nicely! The whole family is involved I see! She's going to have a nice little place when y'all are done!

  2. Sierra Sue WintersJune 3, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    Ruby--I don't have an account with any of the listed "profiles"--I'm "old school", that's how bad it is!!
    So, I'll read your blog anyway, wish I could comment, but I totally understand since your
    getting slammed with spam, etc.
    Your friend--Sierra Sue Winters at

  3. Sue.. your comment came through just fine and even had your name attached... *grin* I only said I would not publish ones with no names and with links to websites that do not seem to be blogs.

    Thanks for always popping in !

  4. That is quite an undertaking. A lot has happened, just not quite fast enough. Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

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