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Monday, May 6, 2013

One Door Shuts and One is Sledge Hammered Open

This little gal is ready to bust down the walls!

Yesterday began the true adventure of transforming our garage and part of our storage room into a 300 square foot apartment for our middle daughter.  For those who do not know, and who are new here, our darling daughter became a young widow a little over two months ago after her husband of only eight months took his own life following a dark bout of depression. Finding herself suddenly alone, having gone strait from our home to his at the age of barely 20, she expressed a desire to come home to the nest, but yet did not wish to infringe on our space here at Muse Cottage. The solution was to do the conversion of the one car garage that is semi attached and the adjoining storage room attached to that. A while back, I posted a blog about the very first baby steps we took towards this, and today, I share the next steps. Our hopes are to beat the odds and get this finished by months end. But with no permits in place yet ( we had hoped last week, and now hope for this week), and only three weeks to go, she may be camping in there, among the construction! Either way, can not turn back now, the walls are coming down, and many more will go back up.

The morning started bright and early, there was a lot
to do. 
First order of business was to start digging the ditch 1 foot wide,
2 feet deep for the sewer drain... not an easy task as the
ground was hard as rock!

Soon lil' sis joined in 

Then renforcements in the form of our daughters friends.

Making progress... and progressing from shovels to
pickaxes...... jack hammers! 
As the birds looked on ......(* Woodpecker high up in near by tree)

(*sparrow on fence) 
...and our oldest daughter, working on her tan and
her smoothie instead of the ditch.. *sigh* 

*WHEW* Ditch done!

That was tiring just watching...I took some time for a hug and a cat nap!

While the men folk ran off to get 2x4's for the next project, us girls
snacked on Brie and crackers, and sipped cool drinks and discussed
what was next. 

Next was to be new roof supports, replacing the old and raising them
so there will be room for the new ceiling. Meanwhile the girls
start on prepping the spot for the new back door.

It was slow going for awhile....

....there was many discussions on how to best go about it.

Finally the paper and wires removed, it was "Hammer Time" !

"Here's Becky...." 

"HEY!  Would you look at that.... just look at it!" 

Spectators Sport...everyone watching Becky go.  Garage door gone, now laying in a heap in
the junk pile,  I have the best view of  all. 

About half way through.. time for a breather. 

Back to work!

Daddy steps in to speed up the process. 

Team Work. 

Finally, nearly done.. just a few more remnants.

Out of the rubble from the past, a new doorway to the future is created. 
Till next time, hope you find the strength to 
take the proverbial hammer and smash some 
of your own walls in your life. 

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  1. There is nothing like a big project or mission to help with healing. This hard work will really help your daughter to overcome her loss! It's wonderful that your family is such that you can even consider all living so close together! Not many families can say that!


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