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Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking The Scenic Route

Long Over Due Daycation Day

I was looking at my past posts and saw that it has been MONTHS since I went on a daycation. Life has just been a roller coaster for so very long, and money and time have been dedicated to other things that have taken priority, but with yet more roller coaster rides ahead for myself and my family, we decided that it was much needed to get away, so that is exactly what we did. We choose to go to the Amador Wine Country, including the towns of Fairplay, Plymouth and Sutter Creek.... familiar grounds for our daycations as it is always an easy, enjoyable drive and yet seems a world away. This time around we choose to include others in our little adventure. We took fellow blogger and friend Liz from The Humor and Humility of an Aging Woman , as well as our two youngest daughters, Rebecca and Angel .... it is always fun to share the day with people we love. 
(*** You can see Liz's take on the day's adventure HERE and HERE

The day was perfection as far as the weather goes... a warm day with comfortable breezes, a nice escape from Sacramento that was reaching record temps. We planned a picnic at Iverson Winery ..... there is an amazing view there and tables to sit at.. they even provided us with an ice bucket for the bottle of wine we bought and offered paper plates, napkins ETC... whatever we may need, but we only took the ice bucket and a few plastic knives, past that we were set with a lovely spread to partake in, everything from gourmet cheese to cookies. After our lunch, we partook in some tasting of their delightful bubbly offerings, and then we were off to go explore several other locations.... one was a winery, Sobon Estate, we have been there before, this time was not to taste wine, it was instead to explore the museum there. Sadly part of it was closed to visitors, but you can see our last visit to this lovely winery for wine tasting and the museum,  HERE.  Sobon is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County, and the museum there is all about the history there. You can read more about the Shenandoah Valley HERE.

After we spent a short period of time touring the museum we decided it was time to head to the town of Sutter Creek, that way those that wanted to go wine tasting ( hubby and myself) and those that wanted to just explore, Liz and our daughters, could enjoy doing so independently of each other. Now before you think I did not snap any photos of this day out, do not fret, I took plenty as did Liz ( see her links above for her beautiful images) , but before I share the photos I took, I want to share a few more links from previous visits to the area that we were in... mainly because this go around I decided to share images of things, places and settings that caught my eye, and less about the wineries, wine tasting rooms and towns we visited, secondly for those of you who are new fans, I wanted share previous daycation posts to show you that my blog is not just about Muse Cottage *giggle*  

and more 

Sunday through my lens.....

Our day started out with a lovely chilled
bottle of white wine and....

loads of munchies! My youngest daughter is a
cheese specialist at Nugget, a local market in Woodland Ca,
and she supplied us with some tasty "noms" as she calls them.
We added fruit, our other daughter brought meat and bread,
and our friend Liz, brought cookies!

Liz, relaxing in the cool shade provided
by the umbrella.

Two of our lovely daughters that came
along for the ride, Angel, to the left and
Rebecca to the right. 
The camera was then on occasion turned on me....

... and my wonderful hubby.

...soon the scenery took front and center .....

Iverson Winery has amazing views!

After Iverson it was over to Sobon Estate... 

This old guy had the right idea .... it was beginning to feel like nap time.

Time to explore Sutter Creek

The temps rising, many locals found a lovely way to cool off. 

Back alleys always capture my heart

Next time, I am going to go explore and wine taste in this
wine bar located in the old theater!

Contrasts in one of the many alley ways

Scenes from the past 

Time for wine at Bella Grace 

Views from the wine tasting room, which is located in a very old home,
and surrounded by history at every turn. 

caught in the act

Forget me Not 

Indeed! Our choice, Cinque  tasting room

After a few sips of wine, we explored a little home, garden shop....I
was in heaven!!!!

Everything needed for a Fairy Garden... think I will visit as often as I can.

Of course I left with a bag!

more lovely views

This looks like a "next time we come" place to stop, eat and have a glass of wine.

My little Fairy I brought home... so peaceful sitting on my mantle.

While out on our little adventure, my friend Liz
gave me a lovely gift, a book she brought from
France and has had many years, and she included
a short, but very sweet note! 

Opening page of the book

A little peek inside.....



  1. Aren't day trips fantastic? I love when I get the chance to go on one, especially if it's exploring a new area.

    If you get a chance check out Illuminare Winery in El Dorado County. We stumbled upon it during one of our day trips and fell in love. They're a very small winery but make a fantastic dessert port and are really nice (they let us go in the back and barrel taste in addition to do the regular tasting).

    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures!

    Ally @ A Girl and Her Fork

  2. Ruby, my friend, you were so close yet far !
    We gave up plans to go over the river, to Sutter
    Creek and opted for "over the Pass"(Sonora Pass)to Bridgeport and Twin Lakes. Nothing nearly as interesting to see/do/eat as your trip but day trips are the very best !
    Husband needed to check out the fishing and river,the snow pack was still pretty good and the rivers are really running wild.
    Returned home to the extreme pleasure of the dog and cat !Glad your day was wonderful too, you both deserve it !
    Happy Days to you --Sierra Sue
    of Twain Harte !

  3. Howdy Sue! Ya know one of these days we must meet! Thanks for popping in!


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