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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking Shape

Just as this Sunflower is taking shape, so is "Sunshine  Cottage" 

I  can hardly believe we are already in mid June. Time here at Muse cottage is going so very slow as well as fast all at the same time. Since the last update ( not counting a recipe or two), our oldest daughter and her husband have moved back to Texas, our youngest is in the process of finishing her leadership program at work, as well as has found a new apartment that she will be moving to in a months time, and well for me, I have been sick. I will not going into details, as that is not what this post is about, but it does inhibit me from posting as often as I would like, as I simply just am too weak, tired, and not feeling well enough to do so. I am having a brief moment where the discomfort is not so bad, and well, I missed sharing with all of  you... I hope you missed me.  So onto what the post is about... "Sunshine Cottage".  No, we have not re-named Muse Cottage,  I promise... and soon the blog will indeed reflect that fact. Sunshine Cottage is what our daughter who will soon be dwelling here has dubbed her nearly 400 square foot living space that I have been sharing the progress of with you. As time goes on, I think you will see why; at least some of the reasons. 

I have been busy snapping off photos as progress has happened. If you have not been following the posts, click HERE to check out all the back posts/photos. That was the last update I posted and with in it, is the link to the previous posts and updates... one stop shopping... um viewing if you will. So much has happened, and yet, not enough. There has been leaps forward and many delays and just yesterday a leap backwards, and today, well there should be work going on, and as par for the course it is not, something always comes up.... and no text messages letting me know that it will indeed at some point be happening. * There was one while I wrote this.. family emergency... glad they let me know, that rarely happens till the next day... feel bad... but I stand by my opinion.... I like our contractors, but they are not the best at communicating. So anyway, here we go.....

A reminder of how the space a one
car garage, and storage shed that needed to be gutted.
you can go to the links I provided to see more. 

Now in the same space, walls take shape,
windows are put in , and here electricity is added.
Stepping outside for a moment.....
Where once all the stucco had been ripped off.....

New replaced the old.....

Back inside....

Lookie, a walk in closet.... yes, I gave up
more of my gardening shed... ahh the love!

This is NOT cotton candy! But to us it is
eye candy! 

Real walls will soon be where there was none.

A different type of mud will go up over all this. 

Shower in place, it is a start.
Hot mudding done....ready for paint!

First primer....

Then the pretty pale yellow paint,
like morning sunshine goes up!
Hubby thought he would help out.... yes that is
tile that looks like wood! Adding that cottage touch. 

tears shed
Your eyes do not deceive you... sadly this wood looking
tile is a whole other "animal" .... and together with
things we never faced before, and weather issues,
all the tile had to come up.  We have tiled before, with success,
but according to the pros THIS tile is better left to them.
So we are left with a floor that looks like this ,
and delay on finish date being pushed yet again!

But there is other areas of progress....

This old truck may not mean much to you.... but to me it means
a very happy thing!!!!

CLEAN UP!!!!! Signs of the end! Three loads later....

.... and then prepping the land ...for what you will have to just wait
to see what becomes our daughters outdoor space. 
Coming soon....
The garden at Muse Cottage updates...
like decor , garden beds are never really


  1. Its looking great but I know how frustrating delays can be. Can't wait to see more.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I just knew something was wrong, dearie, I hope you'll be much better real soon. I'd love to hear more about this 'tile that looks like wood"--Take care of yourself, know that your
    "friends" here, wish only the best of everything for you and yours .
    Sierra Sue

  3. Thanks ladies for popping in and your comments... more updates to come.

  4. Rescuing Animals makes me feel beautiful.


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