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Monday, July 15, 2013

Final Touches and a Welcome Home.....

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I feel  like I am always saying "Miss Me?" I once again skipped all of last week as far as posting here goes. It was a busy time around here since the last post.  There was so many things that kept me from you dearhearts. As many of you know I have been battling many health issues. That has not changed. Some are getting better, some are reoccurring , and some came as quite the shock, and yet not... I found out that I had Basel Cell skin cancer in two spots and would have to have surgery on one of them, still waiting to see on the other. There was of course the fourth of July to celebrate and then this past week I had my 47th birthday as well.... the surgery was the day after. In among a few doctors appointments, and all that I just mentioned, it was the final push to put all the final touches on "Sunshine Cottage"... to get all the work done so our daughter could finally move in. 

To those that are new here, let me catch you up a bit. In March our middle daughter lost her her husband of just over 8 months to suicide. It was decided that instead of her renting an apartment some place, or living with roomies that our garage and storage room would be converted to a mini cottage. That began days, weeks and eventually a little over two month journey to make this happen. Below is what we started with.  You can get caught up on all the past posts HERE.

After quite a few long days, calling in extra teams and spending way over the initial budget to get it done, we are indeed DONE! No more workers. No more construction noise and dust... this is such a relief! I truly believe it did not help with all that I was going through health wise. With all the delays, the stress, the upheaval of our day to day life, it was just a very rough couple of months. When finally we were able to put the final touches it was like a huge weight off everyone's shoulders. Our daughter wasted no time in getting moved in, and even though we had a few things that still needed to be done, and there is still a few things to do decor wise, she moved in and slept there just as soon as we got the final sign off. SO now I am ready to share with you .....

Final Touches .....

Starting from the bottom up.... the floor goes in...
after much two steps forward and about five back!

Tile that looks like wood... worth the trouble! But hire a professional!

An IKEA invasion of sorts. Our daughter's
new life encased in cardboard.
 Finally the fun began.... DECOR!
Even small spaces can have nice size bathrooms...
scale and organization is key!

Creative touches add cottage charm. 
Soon, the wall pocket will have shelves for
extra storage and organization opportunities. 

A tiny kitchen, but with everything that is needed.
There is a convection/toaster oven, a microwave,
even a hot plate and a mini fridge that has a separate
freezer... all just perfect for making meals for one.

Again creative storage ideas, keeps drawers free to store the things
that you really do not want to see out. 

Utilizing every inch of wall space. 

Still space to use for prep.. always important. 

A drop table attached to the wall makes it so it can be up or
down allowing for more space, and the chairs, they can be used
at the table or in the living room space. 

Speaking of the living space.... The computer doubles
as a way to watch movies... so the desk doubles as
an entertainment center. 

Cozy little bedroom, ready for a snuggle and a good book.
You can not see it, but she also has a walk in closet.
This space used to be our storage room! Nothing more
than a lean too really. 
 Some of the details....
The headboard has storage behind it, the bed has storage drawers below ,
the bedside table is a stepping stool, ready to use in the closet.

Kitchen knobs.... roses and....

Forget Me Nots

Comfy, squishy pillows on the couch. 

Close up of the stone tile...used both in the kitchen and
the bath back splash... adds that rustic cottage touch. 

These dishes are unbreakable, so great with tile floors!

Repeating the shades of yellow used throughout. 

Even the table has wheels so it can be moved
all about, freeing up space. Baskets
below hold clutter. 
Welcome Home to our daughter


  1. that is the sweetest apartment, EVER! Love everything about it! I love how you used yellow and white! :)

  2. Becky your Sunshine Cottage is perfect. It is so cozy. Ruby I know you & Rob are happy it is finished & she is close by. With everything that has happened to you guys lately now maybe things will settle down & you can enjoy your garden, books & your daughter. is beautiful.

  3. What a joy to see Becky's place all sparkly fresh and ready to live it. A long hard road, but so worth it.
    Ruby,my dear, I've sent extra fairy dust your way to heal and protect you !
    OLD Sierra Sue --yep, the 14th came and I got a year older--YIKES !!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I adore it all. I am sure it will become a great place of peace for your daughter.
    Just lots of brilliant, creative ideas packed into one great little apartment.
    Good job. <3 Judith

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I adore it all. I am sure it will become a great place of peace for your daughter.
    Just lots of brilliant, creative ideas packed into one great little apartment.
    Good job. <3 Judith

  6. What a darling little cottage! I hope it is just one of many bright blessings to come for you and your family.

  7. Amazing Ruby. You guys really did a wonderful job and such good use of space. I hope many good things happen for you guys into the future now that many trials are behind you. I'd love to swing by sometime soon and see it first hand. Todd Slack


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