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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goin' Ons at Muse Cottage

What I like to imagine our Muse Cottage looks like;
of course it does not, but one can day dream right? 

Welcome back. So glad that you popped in to my little corner of the cyber world .  Not too many do so nowadays, stop in that is, but the kettle is always on ( there is ice cold lemonade as well if you prefer), and there is always a goodie or two around to share, so come on in.... perhaps we will take our tea in the garden , it is ever changing and today is no different. The Summer heat has sadly made some of the young plants give in and up and I was forced to dispose of them, others just simply cutting them back or moving them to a new location has worked. The fairy garden here at Muse Cottage has expanded and the little Gnome gardener to the fairies has his only little log in which to reside. With his moving in, new plants did as well, replacing some of the less fortunate and adding to those that remained.  Other little touches have been made in the garden as well inside... nothing big, but just enough for a perk up. So sit right down, or stroll about while I get us a cuppa. If you need a refresher on how far the garden has come, check under labels and then click "gardening" , there you will find all the posts to this date on the subject. 

Come on in....

Does not look like much, but when you are here daily, this little patch is really filling in. 

The patch by the front gate is in a rotating bloom cycle of
pinks, yellows and purples... look closely a rose opened just for you! 
Look how much the Cecile Bruner is growing... each week
my hubby has to put new tack nails up so I can wire the stems in
place... by next Spring we will have a lovely arch of pink roses to
walk under upon stepping onto the porch.  

The Scentsational... at least I believe that is the rose
pictured here goes by that name.  It seemed to
stop blooming for a time, but lucky for me it began again! 

It is pretty isn't it? 
It adds a very nice pop of deep pink to the front bed .

This is my birthday rose... The Barbara Streisand... my daughter
Rebecca bought it for me... it is doing well despite the 100 plus
degree temps!  

Here is a close up .... such a lovely hue. 

This Columbine, well it nearly died in the
bed in front of the cottage, I thought I had lost it, so to
give it one more shot, I moved it
to the bed by the front gate, and look at it now!!

This plant was down to two stems after a rain storm when it
was a baby plant, and it bounced back! I love this one,
as I do not have to dead head it... it will still bloom over and
and over. The colors range from a yellowy cream to a deep pink. 

The Yarrow is a favorite in the garden,and next year I do believe I
will seek out a pink one to put in.  I love how it starts out white,
then slowly turns into a very bright yellow and then slowly fades to
a deep golden tan, nearly the color of Muse Cottage. 

Ever been on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland and see the back side of a waterfall?? Here
is the back side of the garden bed... the view is from the porch. 

Another plant that I thought was a gonner with the heat,
my Foxglove has put forth more blooms after trimming
off the damaged leaves. 

Now I mentioned that the little Gnome that is the gardener for the fairies had recently gotten his very own log to reside in, and of course that meant bringing in some new plants to add to his portion of the garden... so that meant a trip to the garden center. Thankfully my health allowed me to do so the other day, and I found some lovely new additions. 

Does not look like much, but with a limited budget,
it was all I could manage.

I did get some lovely little plants. Besides the Royal Gold climbing rose,
I purchased some Nemesa, always a favorite, Mercardona, Australian
Violets, a Blue Star Creeper and even some Elfin Thyme.  

The Gnome's new home. Definitely needs some new plants
wouldn't you say? I began, on a recently cloudy day and a good spot of
health to plant my purchases with hopes of them soon
spreading and making for less of the bark showing. 

Does not look too much right now while the new plants
get over their transplant shock, but soon they will perk up
and it will be quite pretty. 
See, it is filling in nicely.  One day the lawn all about it will green up and truly it will be a fairy wonderland. 

Lookie at the little door my hubby built for me and the Gnomes home. Soon we hope to add a
moss roof, and some lights to the little guys house. 

The rose in place, one day it will spread out over the area behind it, and most likely over it as well. 
Stepping inside.. a couple of touches...
My newest little fairy visitor ... Nancy Jean..
blowing kisses to all who visit. 

No worries... she is not a real fairy, I would never keep one captive,
just a cute little art piece. 

My Mother created this one for me
many years ago and I still smile each
time I look at it. 

A fairy door that one day will be used on a new little
fairy house, till then perhaps a nice portal to Fairyland
from the inside of Muse Cottage. 

Bought this little table for not much money, 
topped with a decorative table cloth and a napkin
with a print I use throughout Muse Cottage
fills a gap between the couches... sometimes
it is the little things.

Peeking from the inside out....
A few birds at the feeder ... there is a non stop visit to it throughout the day.

It has been such a lovely visit that we have had, I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you will come again for a visit some time . I realize the posts are not as plentiful as they were once before, and I do hope that will in time, as money allows for more projects here at Muse Cottage , both inside and out, and as my health allows me to travel a bit further from home for more than an hour here and there, allowing adventures to be had and shared, that there will be more reasons for you to pop in.... in the meantime always feel welcome to check out past posts and follow the journey that brought us to this point. 

Till next we get a chance to visit.....
Best Wishes


  1. Hi Ruby, WOW! You have done so much with your home. I love it! It looks very warm and inviting. I adore your little fairy's so cute. So you.
    I knew this place would become perfect once you added your touch.
    Dee xoxo

  2. Thank you Todd... would answer you in person, but do not have any contact information ... so hope you see this.

  3. Ruby, you have given so much of yourself to so many. You are an artist in so many ways. I just know your family is enriched by your endeavors, your creativeness and loving spirit. God Bless, little one. see you soon.


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