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Monday, August 5, 2013

In My Corner of the World

Happy first week of August . Gracious this Summer has gone so very quickly. Each week I set out to do at least one post here, and before I know it, the week is over. We have at Muse Cottage have been having a cooler than normal start to the last month and a half to the season.... the Delta breezes have moved in after that heat wave we had, to tickle the petals of the flowers here in the garden. Queen Bitty Kitty, has been sleeping in front of the screen door that has been open for days now, and has never been happier.. it is worth putting up with the noise from the on going traffic that never seems to stop just to see her so happy... she sleeps with a smile up on her face , which in turn puts one upon mine. 

You can not see it, but she is indeed smiling. 

As fast as the Summer seems to be swiftly passing by, things have also slowed down here at Muse Cottage. The days now are not filled with hammers and saws, but of puttering around doing small projects, or simply doing nothing at all. I have even managed, with my health giving me a little bit of an ease up of all it's ups and downs, to take a walk, not once, but twice. One day I was even partially fooled into pretending it was Autumn already. The mornings here have been cool, breezy and in being so, the leaves on the trees have begun to crisp up and float to the ground to be crunched under my feet as I strolled the streets around my neighborhood. So on one of the times that I was able to spend some time out doors and on my walk, I snapped photos of various plants in the neighborhood that show signs of the changing seasons a bit ahead of schedule and to top that off, I even indulged in a Chai Latte ... and I even had it hot not over ice. How delightful it was. I watched the variety of birds that flew from tree to tree, that have yet to visit my garden here, but gives me hope that one day they just may do so. I chattered with squirrels, quite glad that no living soul was on the street at the same time, but in a way not caring a lick if they were to over hear me.

A tree whose seed pods remind me of Summer's
string beans in my Grandpa's garden... it was my
job to snap the ends off before Grandma would cook them.

prickly pears.. once green now a pumpkin orange!

This reminds me that soon it will be time to travel
to the region near us called "Apple Hill" to
have some divine hot cinnamon covered apple cider doughnuts.

A Morning Glory still open all the way till mid day,
fooled by the shadows created by the clouds over head
to do so. 

A trumpet vine with a lush coral color near by.

"Naked Ladies" cooled in the shade of a large
tree overhead.

Dry grasses intermixed with fragile blooms. 

Marigolds, rich and golden.

Yarrow setting seed, ready to drop and spread about.

 It was not all good, I came home to find that someone had once again vandalized my solar lights that I have in the yard. Not too long ago someone had dashed away with 12 of my solar lights that bring a magical glow to the garden beds at night, and no sooner had I replaced the missing lights, it was brought to my attention that one of our drive way post lights had the top popped off and was missing. It saddens me so to think that someone would feel the need, the desire to do such things , and reminds me that we do indeed live in a very mixed neighborhood and one has to be mindful of it.. it is so very hard to not let it inhibit one from continuing to tend and make a lovely space to enjoy that is where many others can as well, and not let the few ruin it for all. And I DO so enjoy my little garden here at Muse Cottage... as I have shared in the past. I am always exploring all the changes going on and keeping an eye out for all the life that exists within it..... like this little creature....

Not all endeavors are taking place outdoors, inside a bit of feathering of the nest has been going on. With all the recent medical issues I have had, there has been of course bills to pay. Putting a damper on the plans to re-paint the walls of Muse Cottage, inside and out, I decided to go ahead and hang artwork, unpack my bedding, and have my husband hang my curtains... make it feel more like we are here to stay, despite the negatives the vandels caused in my heart and soul about doing so. However just because it is inside, does not mean that the garden theme did not continue. Making it so that no matter the season, I always have flowers in bloom all around me. Forgive the photos, the lighting in my bedroom does not provide the best light for photos.. and as my curtain rods will fall on my head if I was to move them about ...least wise till I get finials on the ends, so can not open them to brighten things up. But wanted to share all the same.

You can not quite see her, but out cottage mascot, the spirit of it if
you will is a color tinted photo of a lovely woman we like to call
"Aunt Annie" , she reminds me of Anne of Green Gables all grown up.
She has hung on every wall of every home we have resided in. 
A little touch of Paris ....

...and nature.... 
I love dragon flies and always have them about me in
one way or another. 

My bedside dresser holds treasures and memories....
Like this little wooden box that I made as a youth
with my Dad's Uncle, Harold... who when I was a
young girl was my best friend, teacher of all things,
from life to the love of working the Earth. 

The view from the bed... on the knob of the cabinet hangs a bag
that says "dreams" , within I keep my gloves from my wedding day. 

My bedroom is not the only room that has gotten a bit of sprucing. I have been saving for months on end, all our change and singles went into a jar and finally with a little bit of help from my Mom and hubby getting a bit of bonus money, I was able to get the desk I have always wanted. Till now, for the last eight months I have been propping the computer on my lap while sitting on the couch.... I still need a proper desk chair, but until I can save some more, one from the dining table will have to do. Right now, it sits in front of the opening from the Living Room to the Kitchen, an opening we plan to close up to be able to put up more cabinets into the kitchen, so it may not be the best looking spot, but one day it will look just right. From my chair I can look right out the front screen door and watch the birds flit in and out, today I even spotted a green breasted Hummingbird on the Lavender plants. I have no need at the moment for a lamp, but it too is on my list , when the darker days of Winter come and we can not have the front door open, it will be much needed. Upon the shelves I am able to bring my books out from under the couch and put them on shelves... making it easier to get to them. I am also able to display my growing collection of fairies that I have begun collecting just recently... there is plenty of room for the collection to grow of both books and fairies! 

Plenty of storage to keep clutter at bay, allowing just the
items that inspire me to be out for all to see. 

Well, I guess that is all the goings ons here in my corner of the world.... but before I go, I wanted to share a sweet little gift sent to me by a lovely friend and fan of the blog and Facebook fan page, from her corner of the world to me as thank you for lifting her spirits and in turn she has lifted mine.....

It is the beginning to a renewed found love of succulents,
and a wonderful touch of living greenery inside of  Muse Cottage.


  1. Loved the blog today. I was so excited to see the photo's of the "Naked Ladies". I would be in heaven if I could find the bulbs somewhere and plant them. They hold a very special place in my heart from my youth.
    Happy to see the "sprucing" and nesting going on.

  2. Ruby......loved all the flowers today. So sorry you are still having trouble with people stealing your things. There is just no respect for others any more & that is indeed a sad thing. What a lovely gift you received. Just love succulents. I had them when I lived in KY but have not as yet planted any here in FL. Maybe when we move I will find a place to finally plant some. Can you inbox me you address ? Hugs & kisses my friend.

  3. Hi Ruby, your home is so lovely. I love everything you have done with it. So sorry to hear someone has stolen your lights, how rude. I don't understand why people feel the need to destroy what some have worked so hard at. I also love the fall and can only take the heat for a bit, these past two weeks in little RI have also been cooler than normal for this time of year, but I am not complaining, I am enjoying it. Thank you so much for the lovely post and beautiful pics. It's always a joy to pop over to your blog.


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