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Monday, August 26, 2013

Fresh Picked....

From my desk to yours....

Well hello there! I  am ever so pleased you came for a visit. Grab a cuppa and sit and visit a while won't you? It is a Chai Latte for me today.. lucky me that my lovely middle daughter ran and got her mama one, prefect sippin while I share the latest goings ons here from Muse Cottage.  Of course if you visit the facebook page ( find the link on the side bar), you are mostly caught up, but I do save the bulk of the visuals for you who do not also visit me there. Anywho, back to our chat here. 

It has been a busy weekend for the residents here at Muse Cottage. Quite unusual as of the last few months I know. Oh sure there is always something going on, but usually it is out in the garden, or within the four walls, but this past weekend I was actually feeling up to going out into the world! Two whole days in a row it happened! One day was a local jaunt to a farmers market, having just been told by a fellow local blogger that there was one that I could go to and not have to parallel park... something I am not very good at.  So come Saturday morning a bit earlier than I normally enjoy being up as of late- especially after getting room darkening curtains for the bedroom... but the lure of fresh fruits and vegies and maybe some unexpected yummy surprises as well as an opportunity to photograph all of the above, and I did so. I took along my youngest and middle daughter for company and off we went. 

We arrived about 25 minutes, a coffee and danish stop, and two U-turns later, found a parking spot, and eagerly got started seeing what each both had to offer. We were so pleasantly surprised by the amount of offerings. Having been used to a much smaller one where we used to live that part of which was not even produce, this was abundant and I am sure our eyes became wide and I know we started to salivate with anticipation. I was smart and kept to a small budget that day, as I am sure had I had more than about 20.00 in my wallet, all would have been spent; as it was I borrowed 6.00 from my youngest! Hey I tried, but some local honey woo'ed and seduced me! Besides the seasonal fruits and vegies, there was offerings of fresh eggs, loaves of bread, even a meat market. We sampled balsamic vinegar and cheese... the youngest buying both, took in the sweet aroma of flowers sold in large colorful bunches. I tried a few grapes and even had a gooseberry, part of the tomato family, and something I had never had.... and not sure I will again, but I did try it.... let it not be said I am not brave.  There was even a local winery that you could take a bottle home from to go with the fixens you bought for a future meal. There was the normal offerings as well as the exotic, at least to me! It truly was a feast for the eyes as well as the senses.  Being that it is a year around market, I am positive that I shall be going again in the near future and many times over... and next time I take my pull around shopping cart and more money.. hey you have to support your local farmers right?? 

The Eye Candy......

A mini sweet melon... tasted like cantaloupe, only sweeter! 

Okra, Long Beans, and Green Onions

Gooseberries and Heirloom Tomatoes 

Ripe and Juicy Strawberries

Honeylope .. a cross between Honey Dew and Cantaloupe 

Lemon Cucumbers 

Colorful floral bunches

Beech Mushrooms... look like they are directly out of Fairyland! 

Oyster Mushrooms

Ok, yes, I love these cute little things so sharing 2 photos!

King Oyster... these will be served on my plate, all grilled and

Purple and White Wax Beans

A variety of Eggplants

A floral feast for the eye.....

Local Wildflower Honey for my morning toast... Yes please!

Coleus, Cockscomb and ....gee I wish I could recall the other one... leave me a
comment if you know the name... I love all three!

Nectarines .. I think.... old age settling in or just overwhelmed by all the natural beauty around me?? 

Peaches ... If  I recall these were the White Peaches and I bought two to be grilled and served with Mascarpone  mmmmmm

Juicy and sweet Tomatoes 

Yellow Plums 

Live music set the scene and two of my dollars went in the tip jar.

Grapes, sweet, juicy and perfect for a Summer day treat

A couple bunches of these beautiful, cute and very sweet Carrots went into carrot cake muffins!

More heirlooms 

Baby Bok Choy 

Well, my friend, that was my Saturday morning at the local Farmers Market. the rest of the day was spent munching on the finds, and my youngest making homemade carrot cake muffins, then eating one or two and sipping tea.... a very relaxing day indeed. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me so I could share my day with you. I hope you will come back and see me again when I share what I did on Sunday.. till then, a little music for you... 


  1. Wonderful pics ! Now I'm hungry!! Looks like you've found a wonderful new market!

  2. Hi, Your Farmer's Market pics are wonderful. I haven't been to the blog lately, I'm going through a bad health spell, so I have just been keeping up on FB. I love the drawing of Muse Cottage! Did your daughter do it?

  3. Hi Joy....
    Would have loved to send you a personal note, but you did not include an email, so I hope you see this. Thank you for coming to visit me! I am so very sorry to hear of your health issues, having poor health myself I fully understand not being up to blogging; I hope so that you are able to do so again, it is wonderful therapy. I hope to see you around FB .. be sure to say hello. Yes, my daughter did do it for me.. I am hoping to get her to do a Autumn and a Winter one as well and be able to exchange them out. It is not her normal drawing style, but everyone seems to like it and the new look of the page. Hope your health improves very soon!


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