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Monday, August 19, 2013

Softening up the Four Walls

Welcome back to Muse Cottage

So pleased you decided to come back and pop in on me here at Muse Cottage. The kettle is on, and I have some lovely lemon ginger snaps. Come on in and see what I have been up to. I have been quite the busy little bee.... this time inside and not out in the garden as would be my normal activity.... it has been warming up here again, too warm for outdoor goings ons.. Mother Nature remembering that it is indeed the month of August.  So what have I been up to you ask? Well with the addition of my desk, which a shared here recently, it sparked some tweaking of the living room.... changing the placement of my collectibles, as well as prompting me to finally realize that painting the walls of Muse Cottage may be a long ways off, so at long last, allowing my husband to hang the curtains, and artwork. Muse Cottage may just be feeling a little more like home.  I thought you might like to take a peek and see?! 

We decided on soft, natural linen for the drapes, paired with a sheer
that has the sweetest pinstripe with fuzzy dots going up and down the
length of them. *The Blue blanket is of Queen Bitty Kitty

I think the neutral "Swiss Coffee" colored paint of the walls is growing on me. It does make it easier to
change out the colors with the seasons. I plan to add more deep red and some orange, maybe warm browns and deep greens as Autumn and then Winter comes 

I have chosen to hang art by James Browne in tones of sepia, framed in an aged Robins Egg Blue...
the original color I wanted for the walls.  We added curtains over the side door as well, we never
used it anyway, and now it looks like another window. 

A reminder of my new desk..eventually there will be a wall where the hole is behind it, so that we can
extend the kitchen cabinets for more storage in there. 

A Few of the Details...

Faith and a bit of whimsy, a bird next candle holder and
books filled with fairies and poetry.... and of course family.

Little treasures of nature, and a few bits of magical

Some of my favorite things... gardening and fairy tales .....
....OH and Fairies..
*This picture was taken on the mantle,
but this wee one now sits on a shelf
right above where I sit most days,
at the desk. 

....a little nature and mystery throw in.... 
I have spent weeks collecting a jar of wishes...
it now sits on the top shelf of my desk. 

My hubbies idea of punny, we keep our keys
in this old cheese box , sitting just below. 

One of the darling art pieces by James Browne
over the mantle, framed in my favorite shade of blue. 

Something one must always remember to do... hung where all can see it
and hopefully be inspired. 

This has not changed much, guess I like just the way it was/is. 

More inspiration  mixed with nature. 

I was lucky enough to find a painting of trees that had all my colors,
and I think it is a nice compliment to the fairy art.  

With all the new additions and the tweaking and moving of what was already here, the four walls of Muse Cottage most certainly are softening up , both the look, and just maybe how I feel about the house we have chosen to reside in.. it just may feel like a home in the near future as we continue to put our heart into each space. 


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