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Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Another Day

Sharing a snap shot of my day....

Recently I asked the lovelies over on my Facebook fan page what it was they liked seeing me post, and quite a few said they liked to see a bit of my life and my family and even me from time to time; it helped them to get to know me better. I was always worried that I was being too self centered to share too much of such things, when it seemed the page had been more popular since doing less of that and sharing more "pretty pictures", even if the page did start out as a companion to this blog, which, is all about me. The other point is that even though I do a blog about, well, me, that I am a trifle boring. I mean after all I rarely get comments (unless you count spammers) new followers, or many "hits".  It has rather turned into a blog to keep my parents up on what is up with me. That all being said, I guess someone reads it, and even a few people that are not related to me, and care to see a snap shot into my life. With that in mind I thought I would actually narrow that down a bit and give a snap shot into my daily life. Boring as it is, as routine as it is, it is my life. A life I feel blessed to have despite the roller coaster of health and financial woes that often go along with it. 

So the day starts...
When I get up, I always open the blinds in the dining room and
check for my sweet little humming birds and see what the
weather is like. 
I turn on the computer and see what messages
await me. 
I open the fridge and grab what I
need for the morning meal.
I grab my many supplements and drink
a bottle of water with them, not fun,
but has helped me feel better. 
Most days this is what I eat... not much,
but it suits me just fine as I do not wake
very hungry and I do so love toast. 

Once I have my buttered toast, and the kettle
has come to a boil, I munch on my breakfast
while the tea seeps. 
Each morning, Queen Bitty Kitty
sits and stares me down while I eat,
always hoping there will be a morsel or
two. She is quite often disappointed,
as I very often leave little on my plate,
but she is never pleased till I put it
down for her to see for herself. 

Once I have eaten, and enjoyed the
hot tea, and most days watched
The Young and the Restless on the
Tv, it is time to get dressed,
do my skin care and get ready for the day. 

What color should it be today? Since
starting to wear make up again,
I have been addicted o collecting
new shadows to wear. 

Addicted to shades of red and pink for the lips,
I pre-buy my favorites on Amazon so
that I shall not run out.

This is lunch most days. Does not look
like a whole lot, but it gives me my protein,
fiber, and is even low in sugar, so I feel good
about it and the banana well, potassium
helps with my leg cramps.

 Time to get out of the four walls....

All bundled up and ready for my walk!

Of course I can not help myself and snap a few photos
of the local "wildlife"... 

A neighbors Daffodils add sunshine to a gray day

I love when the wind blows and the blossoms
on these lovely trees that are all about, fall to the
ground as if floral snow flakes. 

While out and about, I got my flu shot...not the
most fun thing, or enjoyable, but worthwhile...
and I got a coupon... more eye shadow??? 

It was suggested to sit down for 15 minutes after
the flu shot.... time for a pedicure! 

Then a little treat... Caramel Flan Latte!
Oh how do you like the pink nails,
matches the cup sleeve!

A little stroll over to Trader Joes...
It is like Spring has erupted there!

These match my nails, think I should bring some home!
But perhaps when I am driving and not walking.

Time to buy more lunch supplies. 

Now to head home, as the sun is getting lower and lower....

I love taking the long way home, this way
I can see gardens, squirrels and hear the birds sing.
And sometimes a rainbow... if you
look very closely to the right, see the white streak
going up and down??
that is actually a pale rainbow!

The sun, the hot coffee and walking has warmed
things up, so off came the cool weather gear.

I pass this little guy on my walks, he has been there for months,
I always giggle a little when I see him.. but feel bad as
well as he must be so lonely waiting for his owner to come
claim him. 

Almost home.....

Look what is already blooming in my garden! 

Found a use for that coupon!! 

Forgot to mention, I stopped and got a hair cut too!
I am rather liking the new "choppy" bangs.  Not so
much the little too much sun I got on my nose and chin!

Ahhh... a well deserved end to a long and busy day.
Dinner all finished, so ready for a Monday night
with The Bachelor, a good magazine (for
during the commercials) a glass of bubbly, and
a single fresh baked cookie... 

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