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Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday Sips in Lodi California

Another great day out in Lodi 

This past Saturday was yet another wine club release party at one of our favorite wineries, m2 , a winery I have shared our visits to many times. While in the Lodi area, we decided to pop into a few of the wineries we had not visited before or in a long time. One, Berghold Vineyards really was a fun visit, as there was loads of "eye candy" to see and enjoy while sipping on some really good offerings.  I thought I would share a few snap shots with you. 

The outfit for the day...
Not taken at Berghold, but liked the photo.
If you noticed I am wearing color AND went with
a more modern look than you may not have seen me in for
some time. I enjoy trying new things/looks. 
There was a request to wear green
at m2  with the upcoming St. Patties Day
holiday, so of course I did my best
to work some into my look of the day. 

"Feast for the Eyes " 
* just a small amount of what there is to see!!

Beautiful Stained Glass in a large hall 

Caught in the act!

Something to Smile About ! 

One of the many converted amours , told to us that they came
from a brothel! This one has a full band that plays on it's own
within... see the video at the end of the post.... 

Beautiful depiction of wine making in the past. 

Beautiful tapestries...

... carved chairs....

...more stain glass....

Outdoors has beautiful things to behold as well!

Our time here nearly done....


Till next time .......

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  1. lovely antiques..hope your dad was something to remember.


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