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Monday, March 10, 2014

Re-Invention (again)

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I have done it again and again. It just might be my fickle nature, it might be that I get bored, or it could be just for the fun of it. It might be what life stage I am in, or what I am feeling deep down inside that triggers it. I could be that I have real no clear idea, or it may be simply that I miss shopping. Yep, I am talking about my style. I have talked about it a few times before in the lifetime of this blog, guessing by now you have figured out this is a perpetual habit of mine, re-invention; on every level it happens from time to time. If you are new here, you will catch on quick LOL !! Or just look under the label STYLE here on the blog. 
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I have had quite the journey through fashion. When I was first learning to express myself, in grade school, I would wear my Grandma's hand me downs and often look like a gypsy ( now known as boho) , it did not help with my rather outcast, square peg in a round hole placement in the society of school, but it reminded me of Stevie Nicks and that was enough for me. In Jr. high I borrowed my Mom's clothing, quite often and began experimenting with heels, and I also embraced the 1970's with wrap around skirts and leotards or tube tops. In high school I went through the punk look, the new wave look, the new romantic, the Madonna phases, as well as very lady like and even a very 1940's and 1950's look.... complete with full circle skirts and saddle oxfords. Adulthood attire changed as my weight did or what was in style, or who I was hanging out with and later on when I embraced Rockabilly style, just cause it was cool and different and made me stand out in a small town, two three years ago I dressed with a 1920's /1930's feel, and I still love that look, but it does not seem to fit in my life at the moment.  I have shared all that with you before if you have been reading a while, you may remember. 

In the last year I have gone a bit more contemporary and dare I say it boring with my fashion, but it suited all that I was going through. 

You might notice that the colors are all in the same family? Yep, gray, black, white and sometimes a rare burst of blue, purple, green or red...  but it as very rare.... would sneak in. I guess I was not fickle or desiring change in that area. Not very creative. Not very exciting, and many said "this is not you".... but it was, it was comfortable, it was easy and well it certainly cut down on the difficulty of matching things and also made it so with very few clothes I could put together many looks. Again, I know, I have gone over a lot of this just a few months ago. I promise this is not just all rehash. I am getting to it I promise. 

My hair is another issue. That changes so often and often on a complete whim and I regret some of what I have done for a few months till it grows out and then I do it all over again! I grow it out, cut it off, and grow it out again. I want long bangs, I want no bangs. Wear them blunt, choppy or to the side. I color it black, red, brown, have even been a blonde long after it was no longer my natural shade. Went gray, colored it again and then chopped it all off and went gray again. I can not seem to decide what makes me feel beautiful, or comfortable in my own skin. My family has given up being surprised to say the least. A lot of the time they do not even notice. 

I often think the only thing constant in my look besides the color of my clothing is the red lips that I adore so much. They have been a trademark for years! BUT , that has all been changing lately. I have begun to wear color again. Now it is NOT the first time, as I mentioned above and as you can see in the photos, color has  snuck in on my drab pallet of clothing, but not very often. But now I am really doing my best to let colors like orange, and yellow and every other color of the rainbow enter my closet. I have even begun to buy colored purses, shoes and scarves. I have bought colored eye shadows, where only black, gray and brown resided in my make up drawer and pink lips are now more of a normal occurrence than red! I am even tempted to buy a coral lipstick for Summer! 

Currently I do not have a real goal as far as a "look", it is all about comfort and adding color to a drab closet. Oh sure I am positive some would call the button down shirts, paired with jeans and worn with a scarf, a "look", perhaps middle aged housewife? But I would, me being me, like to create and curate a little more of an edgy feel... really break away from old reliable and cookie cutter and get a bit more of my standing out in a crowd feel that I was once used to. Perhaps as I am feeling better and more able to get out and seek out adventures past walking that extra mile to the local Wal Mart or down a new neighborhood street that will happen, all in good time, for now it is just important for me to be comfortable in more than one way. Baby steps. 

Lauren Hutton quote 

Recent Adventures in Wearing color....

Color taking flight

An attempt at a new style ,
been a long time since anyone
has seen my knees!

Having fun with color, while
out for my daily walk

Sometimes you need a bit of help when
trying new things *giggle* 


look blue eye shadow and pink lips

Working on creating more within myself
so that it shows on the outside too....
for all to see, including me! 

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