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Friday, March 14, 2014

Art on a Wednesday Afternoon

Soaking in my surroundings at the Crocker Art Museum
Sacramento Ca.

On Wednesday I progressed onto the next step of my journey towards doing something about some of my health issues that have been bogging me down for so many years now. I met with the doctor who will perform my complete hysterectomy. It has taken a lot of soul searching, prayer, and study as well as chatting with family and trusted friends to come to this decision and now that I have health insurance, it is time to move forward. My OB/GYN is located in a building in downtown Sacramento and it seemed like the perfect timing to get a bit of site seeing and perhaps decompress after such a serious appointment to discuss what is going to happen in the near future. Walking, soaking in my surroundings and getting fresh air do just that, as does being surrounded by beautiful things, I managed to do both after my appointment by making the short stroll from my doctor's office over to the Crocker Art Museum here in Sacramento. Of course along the way I snapped a few photos, and had a few snapped of me as well. Not too many, just a sampling really of all that I enjoyed seeing, and I thought it would be lovely to share them with you. 

Tulips near my Dr.'s office

There is always wonderful and surprising things to see in the city,
art is everywhere, not just at the museum. 

Delightful surprises around each corner

Relaxing and awe inspiring 

Old and new collide at the Crocker ...
the old is my favorite of course!!

Striking a pose......

....or two....
 I always have a soft spot for the 1920's ........
'Girl Reading Book' 1929 Oil on Canvas; Guy Pene Du Bois 

Day Dreams 1918 Oil on Canvas; John Hubbard Rich 

Garden Reflection 1925 Oil on Canvas; Donna Schuster 

Art is not just on the walls at the Crocker.... this inlaid floor is
breath taking! 

Art appears in unexpected ways

I often think the architecture is my favorite reason for visiting the Crocker,
I never cease to have my breath taken away and always notice a new detail.

One might not notice the wood floor as much while walking on it, but with this
birds eye view one can see it too is a work of art.

Sparsely furnished now, one can imagine what it must have been like so many years ago. 

One must always look up as well as down when in the original Crocker Home that houses part of the museum. 

My heart lies within days past, but I did enjoy this moving piece of art

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