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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stylish Thoughts....

Today  is a very special day, and not just because I am posting yet another blog, but because I have been honored by Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style to be one of her ladies featured in her Tuesday posts " Stylish Thoughts". I had written last Monday about her Evolve Your Style program and Facebook group that goes with it, and gave it a tiny nod yesterday as well. Imogen had posted to the group a short time ago asking if any of the "Evolvers" would like to be featured and even named me by name within the query as one of the few she had at the top of her head...of course I said I would be honored to do it. Imogen sent me an email a short few days later with a list of questions and asked me to include a few photos. I was only to answer some of the questions, but as is my style, I answered them all, it was just too thought provoking not to. The photos were harder to share, even though I share photos all the time here and on my FB page and had shared them on the EYS page, putting it on a well known, around the world blog such as hers, well I had a bit of a butterfly nest in my belly in doing so, but I grabbed the few that were most recent and from the challenges and sent them to her. Anyway, the blog post posted today and already I have so many emails to answer and comments over on the EYS FB page, the tea is brewing already and I have my not so stylish slippers on and am ready to tackle them. OH!! You want the link, and you want to go see for yourself? Ok, I am happy to oblige *wink* 

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  1. Hi Ruby, I just came to your blog from the Evolve your style Facebook group. Enjoying reading your postings. Hope you will check out my blog too.


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