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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ruby's Musings by Request ~ Style

Recently I started asking my followers , friends over on my FB page for Ruby's Musings what they would like to see a blog about, other than a French Girl Fridays. The answers were quite varied, and most are subjects that I have covered before, and mostly on FGF posts in the last few months, but decided that since some of the readers missed those posts or did not know quite how to find the older posts ( you can always find older posts of all subject types, not just FGF, under the labels to the side of the page) , that I would start to do a Tuesday blog post, as I am able to do so under the heading
 "Ruby's Musings by Request". I have been wanting to do a few posts now and again that are not about me searching for my inner French girl for sometime now, and this seems perfect. 

This week I am going to share just a sampling of fashion shots that I have shared on my FB page, Instagram ( you can find me there under the name of the blog) , and occasionally here within the blog. If you have been following here or on any of the platforms that I post on, you know that I have always had fun exploring and playing with fashion. Sometimes I pick an era or two to blend and make my own, not really using vintage, but modern pieces that are easier to wear for day to day life for me; currently I am back to being obsessed by the 1950's and early 1960's, a couple of eras I had drawn upon before years ago, before my blog. In past years I had channeled 1920's and 1930's, not again as I said with vintage or 100% accuracy, but more so a feeling, but unfortunately the clothing line I used to purchase from J.C. Pennies, was discontinued and then I lost weight and just could not afford to get alterations on an entire wardrobe, so I moved on. I tried my hand at the trendy tomboy/ sporty chic look last year around this time around, but even though it was easy, comfortable and easy to find pieces to, I just did not feel like me, it felt more like a costume than wearing the clothing that channeled another era, so it did not last long. 

So here I was wondering how I wanted to evolve my style, and not have to buy a whole new wardrobe yet again, meantime also going though Evolve Your Style and then 7 Steps to Style programs ( which I have blogged about in the past on Style Saturdays) , and getting a lot of the word "gamine" thrown out there, I started researching that style. As I went through loads of photos on Pintrest ( you can find me there too), and started pinning pictures, I started to be drawn to the 60's vibe, and then I started seeing photos of Audrey Hepburn pop up, and so as rabbit trails tend to be followed, I started looking up photos of Audrey, always a huge fan, that was not such a chore. That lead me to more of a 1950's Audrey look, ala Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Gigi. During part of 7 Steps, the portion on body shape I reconfirmed that A line and full skirts in general were my friend, I had not seen any local, but had seen some on fellow bloggers, and unlike me who is not a fashion blogger, but often share what I wear, they had links.... I was off and running. I spent hours on Amazon, and the various sites I had links for searching for A line, Midi skirts, long skater skirts and even circle skirts... I was pleased to see I had many to choose from and for affordable prices!!! 

 I wanted to still use and wear my button front shirts, as I liked those from the tomboy look, I wanted to avoid heels as much as I could, so ballet flats, both paired nicely with the style of skirts I was looking at... perfectly Audrey! As the style evolved and came together, I started to see a look that I had worn years ago, which was Rockabilly. I decided to start adding in even more of a feminine touch with pearls, lady like purses, and scarves around my neck for that little combo of Paris and Audrey all at the same time. I found myself wanting to grow out my very short pixie and as I did I saw Audrey's 1960's hair style start to appear. I was pleased with my new look. Lucky me, I could also still utilize the Old Navy Pixie pants that I still had quite a few of, pair them with the basic button front and the ballet flats and the more lady like accessories and keep in the style that I had now created. I finally felt like me again! 

So where do I find the elements of my style? Well as mentioned, Amazon is a big one, I have found silk neck scarves, cat eye glasses, ballet flats, and great purses, as well as many of my skirts... my favorite page there is SIDECCA , they are affordable and have great customer service and the quality is actually pretty good. They have a little bit of everything. I also discovered SHEINSIDE , they are both JR. sizing, SHEINSIDE is also done in centimeters so that can be tricky, but if you measure carefully, read the reviews for fit, and remember they both have great and very helpful customer service you should be ok. I have only had to return one item so far, it was too big. I also am a big fan of resale shops and thrift stores and have found almost all my button fronts at these type stores. One is The American Cancer Society resale shop and at my local one they have a lot of name brand labels for next to nothing and in great condition! As mentioned the PIXIE pant at Old Navy is my friend , because I am short, but curvy, I buy the regular, not the petite ankle pants, and they end up looking like 60's cigarette pants , and yet are modern since they are not too high or low waist; they have great prints and solids too. I have also bought a few of my button ups there as well. Trading skirts for the pants and pairing down of the accessories are how I do a casual, but classic, at home look, and then when I am ready to get dressy I pop a skirt and my accessories on and WALA!  

Of course, I do not limit myself, I am always popping into places like Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, and other big box stores, a favorite for accessories is Charming Charlies and soon I plan to start going to vintage shops, antique malls and even Etsy to search for some authentic vintage touches to add to my look, mostly in the way of accessories, as they do make the outfit... dreaming of some 1950's hats to wear! There are so many other budget friendly web sites out there as well that have similar items, and more expensive as well, such as Mod Cloth , but the ones listed are where I bought everything I have been wearing. So there you have it, that is how I came to achieve my latest style evolution, budget friendly and classic and very me.  I think it is one that will stay for a very long time to come, but don't quote me on that! *WINK*  

The start of the evolution. Thrifted coat from White House,
Black Market brand, Pixie Pants, silk scarf from Amazon,
thrifted purse, and shoes I have had for years. Sunnies,

Button front from The Gap , belt from Ross, Pixie Pants,
purse from Charming Charlies, and Clarks shoes from
TJ Maxx
Button front, Old Navy, skirt is from Sidecca,
purse from Charming Charlies, shoes are
thrift store finds

Button front, thrifted. Scarf from a local drug store, skirt is
Amazon, Sidecca , shoes are Charming Charlies and purse is thrifted.
Glasses are Amazon.

Parasol, a gift store find, button front, a thrift find, as is the purse,
the skirt SheInside, shoes from Amazon. Headband, World Market.

T shirt, Old Navy. Sweater is a thrift find, belt from Ross,
skirt is from the ELLE collection via Khols. Earrings are
a Target find from many years ago... again the purse is
thrifted and shoes from Charming Charlies. 


  1. I love your style. And I love that you share it with all of us!!Lol, Susan LaBadie

  2. Look for a new fashion lookbook on Fb tomorrow! Thanks for your kind words and for commenting here...always a thrill.


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