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Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Simple ~ A French Girl Friday Post

Simple pleasures in my daily
life are key to a happy heart. the zoo.... 

Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad times, let's face it, it is stressful. So many of us find we are always seeking band-aids to bring us pleasure and often those band-aids are pricey, it is not that I do not enjoy those types of pleasures , but they do add up quickly and I learned long ago they could be short lived. I also learned long ago that simple pleasures could be found everywhere, and at little to no cost. I truly enjoy how I start my day, heating the kettle for tea, making my morning toast and spreading perhaps a new jam on it. Straitening the cottage up and making sure everything is tidy, organizing my space relaxes me and puts a smile on my face. Popping some pop corn and watching a movie or some of my favorite shows, all simple acts that I find pleasure in. 

 In reading the latest chapter in Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott, all about simple pleasures, she opens it with the story of the main character in the movie Amélie , and how she finds pleasures in the simple things in life such as running her hands through the sacks of grain at the market, that many of the characters in the movie all find pleasure in simple things, even daily tasks like her mother that enjoys mopping the floor with her slippers. The French are like that, finding pleasure even in repetitive things, Jennifer learned that while living with the Famille Chic. I guess that once again I have always channeled my inner French girl and did not even realize it... perhaps I was more French than the pinkies worth that is in my current blood line in a past life. 

Puttering in the garden, completing simple
tasks can boost ones joy if it  is seen as pleasurable
and not work.

Daily/weekly chores can be relaxing as well as
satisfying if you just let it.  I love vacuuming..
drowns out the traffic outside and quiets my

I find doing my make up, trying newly
learned tricks or seeing how a new
lip color looks very pleasurable.

Taking a walk is not just about exercise for me,
it is about just soaking in life....finding joy and
pleasure in the songs of the birds in the trees,
squirrels running about, the soft breeze on my
skin, the scent of flowers on the warm air....
even on the busy streets I notice such things as
how blue the sky is .  
Reading, as simple as it is an act is so
pleasurable, the ability to escape into
the pages of a book.
Even a simple cup of tea, sipped while relaxing,
perhaps sitting quietly listening to music can
be so very pleasurable and of course very simple.

Today's simple pleasure a maple latte 
from Peets... yes, sometimes it is just 
that simple. 

What are your simple pleasures? 

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