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Friday, June 26, 2015

French Girl Friday ~ Cheveux


As you know French Girl Friday posts lately have simply been me being inspired by and used as a leaping point for the blogs subject matter by the current book I am reading. This week is no different, but more on that in a moment. It originally started out as my personal journey to channel my inner French girl/woman.  I thought it would be fun  to inspire ladies who read my blog to channel their inner French girl/woman; a way to perhaps add that French touch to ones life if so desired. It seemed that many women, like myself had a fascination with Paris and the French women that reside there and wished to channel some of that into their own lives.... achieve that certain  “je ne sais quoi”. As time has passed, many books have been read and shared here, I have , as I am sure many of you have, if you are long time readers, have noticed,  that even with different authors the subject matters are the same and the information has all been repetitive, through presented differently. There really does not seem too much to learn on the subject that has not been discussed. That's why more and more as I stated above, I have been using the books simply as a spring board. I am considering after this book, changing the Friday posts theme...but that will take some thought. I have also considered no longer doing the blog and simply sticking with my FB page and Instagram, but I think I would miss having this outlet. 

I shall always be channeling my inner French Girl /Woman

With that all being said, let's move on.... Last week you learned about my makeup, the products that I use and how I use them. Before that it was my skin care. This week it is all about cheveux , which is French for hair. In reading through the chapters of "Forever Chic" by Tish Jett, this weeks chapter was how the French deal with their hair from care of to cut and styling. The typical French woman has an undeniable natural look about their appearance . Their hair is never fussy or fixed no matter their age. Unlike many older women in the states who seem to go for quite the opposite, and I see them at the salon every time I go in for my manicure, getting their weekly wash, curl and set. My mother in law, when she was still alive would go in weekly for a wash and set, and her hair did not seem to budge until her next appointment! My Mom is not of that school of thought, and practice, but she does keep her hair very short so it rather achieves the same thing. French women allow their hair to move, it can be wind blown and they do not seem to care, it is part of their  je ne sais quoi”.  I in this case I guess will never have or be like a French woman. I have always had very thick, coarse and heavy ( for lack of a better word) hair. I am also very OCD and prefer my hair to always be precise and looking as good as it can. The author says that the French women's way of allowing their hair to move and to appear natural ( even when it is not) adds to " an attitude that makes them appear young and carefree. " Who would not wish to look and appear young and carefree? Perhaps that is just never going to be me, at least as far as my hair goes. 


The one thing I can agree with (but have had a lot of trouble achieving) the French woman on is that  Your hair is YOU. It is important to make the time and the investment to make it look good. If your hair does not look good it won't matter a single bit if you are dressed nicely and your make up perfectly done. Even though a French woman's hair rarely looks contrived, do not mistake that for not taking the time and efforts that it takes to look that way.... they just do not want to appear, like their make up, as anything that they tried to work on too hard. They find and do their best to keep a talented stylist, see it as a worthwhile investment. A part of their care that is not to have corners cut or a dollar saved. I have worked at salons. I have had stylists that charge 100.00 for a hair cut and others that I can get a wash, cut and style for under 20.00.... I have had bad cuts etc at both and great as well. The cost does not always mean that you are going to get what you paid for, good or bad, but I do understand their point of view. I am always seeking and have found, though have not been able to keep, talented and skilled stylists. So my hair journey as far as stylists, like my hair styles and colors has been all over the place. Just when I think I have found the one ( in all those categories) I am left having to find another. It is frustrating and certainly not without constant effort. 

Length of hair is very important to the French woman's appearance. You will see a few with short hair, a few with beautiful long hair cascading down their backs, there are no hard fast rules, and it is not really about age, however the most classic cut for a great deal of French women, according to the author, the choice of length for women of a certain age, is that area below the chin and above the shoulders. I myself am currently once again growing out my hair. I have been every length. I once had hair that was nearly to the middle of my back ( at least when my curl was straitened) and I have had my hair so short, just last summer as a matter of fact, that it was not even long enough to stand strait up. Currently I am growing it out again, to what length I do not know, though never past my shoulders, or at least I do not believe it will ever get to that length again. I am also coaxing my curl to take over again and that will dictate how long I grow my hair... on what my curl and stubborn cowlicks dictate. 


Care of hair in the French woman's life is not fussy or time consuming either. Most, again, just going based on the author Tish Jett's observations, only wash their hair twice a week, deep conditioning about every fifth shampoo. In this I guess I already have been channeling my inner French girl/woman. With curly hair it is too drying to wash the hair too often. I think I do it more like three times a day, and during the hot months I am forced to do so more often, but the rest of the year two times is more than enough. I deep condition every other week. I have bought pricey products as well as less expensive products, and any more like high and low stylists there are good products are both ends of the spectrum. One that does not cost much at all and is wonderful for deep conditioning is coconut oil.. it does wonders for my hair and is so easy to use.... just scoop, melt in the microwave, run through the hair, cover in a shower cap and relax for awhile then shampoo out. I think it is great for all hair types. I also use a curl cream. I found this great one by Garnier , and in using a dollop about the size of a quarter run through my damp hair, leaves me with nice bouncy curls and the best thing is each morning all I have to do is wet my hair again with my water bottle and scrunch and it wakes the curls up again. I would be lost without it! I no longer blow dry my hair, except my bangs, which I prefer strait as they can be unruly.... and recently been skipping the flat iron on my bangs, so my hair is feeling better and better.  

Do French women color their hair? And again most of the French women referenced are Parisian, the answer is YES. Again most, not all, but most, go out of their way to make it look as if they do not. They pay to have it look as natural as possible. There are those that choose to stop coloring their hair, Christophe Robin a stylist that the author references in her book , states that gray hair "...takes guts to make that decision..." ; it is one that I actually have had the guts to do several times, and well I have also chickened out and re-colored my hair. Robin goes on to say that the decision is an "intellectual" decision and he states " I think gray hair can be so modern and it shows enormous confidence. it gives a woman new requires an attitude. It's part of an emotional dress code. Going gray or white is another affirmation of femininity and, of course, deciding not to be a slave to your hair." I like how this guy thinks. I started noticing gray/white when I was 22, it might have been there before, but I had been coloring my hair since I was 13! I only took a break when I was pregnant. Like I mentioned I have gone gray several times and then regretted it. I think I am ready this time to stick with it, it might help that gray is in! Young women all over the states are going gray on purpose. My own daughter tried, sadly it did not turn out as she expected or hoped so she died it back. I am actually really enjoying it and I do get many women complimenting me, not only that but apparently it is not aging me as I always feared ....they even ask if it is natural and where did I get it done. I do still color my bangs... just a hint of pink and purple... not very French/Parisian, but it sure is fun!! 

If you want to read more in depth everything Tish Jett uncovers and shares with the reader about the French/Parisian woman and their hair including tips and upkeep practices be sure to go to your local book store or to Amazon and purchase Forever Chic. It is " Ruby's Musings Approved" and recommended! Next week I revisit, inspired by this book, "The Art of Eating Well" . I hope you will join me.  

I hope if you enjoyed this weeks post you will leave me a comment below or visit with me on FB and Instagram and let me know. I would love to hear from you!!! Plus if you have ideas for a new Friday theme be sure to let me know as well.... would love to hear the suggestions! 

Till next time... remember to enjoy life!
Especially the little things.



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    1. Thanks doll! I get giddy when I get comments here!! Especially from lovelies like you! 💋

    2. Thanks doll! I get giddy when I get comments here!! Especially from lovelies like you! 💋

    3. Thanks doll! I get giddy when I get comments here!! Especially from lovelies like you! 💋

  2. Awwww!! Thank you, and thanks for the coconut oil tip, I am going to do this one for sure!!
    Jilly oxo


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